How To Survive and Thrive in Small Business


Running your own company is an endeavor that is chock full of trials and tribulations, but it’s all worth it when and if you can finally claim your well earned reward. Earning that reward is, however, the result of excellent planning and dedication. Here are the tips you’ll need in order to create a long lasting, successful company.


Knowledge is power, and there’s no better proof than the data that powers modern businesses. Data can be incredibly powerful in the right hands, and businesses can make use of various figures in order to course correct their strategies. For example, even your own business metrics can paint a picture of your previous successes and failures, and that information can be used to refine your approach for future business strategies and marketing campaigns. Market research is an integral part in developing strategies, as well, because it gives you an idea of exactly who you’re selling your product to, and that can and should color your marketing campaigns in order to speak to your audience in a language they can understand.

Modern data processing is incredibly potent, but it’s also complex. The amount of data available to businesses is so staggering in scope that additional storage space and processing power are absolutely necessary in order to turn those raw data points into an actionable conclusion in a timely fashion. Cloud storage and cloud computing are great solutions to these problems, but cloud computing in particular will require some knowledge and skill to implement successfully.

Social Media

Social media is at times a divisive subject, but businesses of all kinds, big and small, will agree that it presents the ideal marketing experience for the digital age. It’s not secret that the popularity of TV and radio have been waning in favor of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix, so those outlets are becoming less viable for marketing. Simultaneously, social media has become ubiquitous among consumers and provides a potential audience of about half of Earth’s population. This has been a perfect storm for online advertising, especially for international business models such as online retail, making social media marketing a perfect companion for the rise of e-commerce.

In addition to the potential for visibility, social media platforms offer a variety of marketing tools. First and foremost, businesses can pay for advertising space, but this is nothing new. Where social media excels is that it allows those same ads to exist in perpetuity on your business’s timeline for free. In addition to that, your regular posts can be used to make announcements or even simply casually chat with your customers in order to establish your brand and its relatability. Relatability is perhaps the most influential aspect of social media marketing, because it allows a brand to develop a more human, down to earth persona that can endear the company to consumers in a whole new way.

Social media also provides an entirely new way to collect valuable market data. Each social media post will be accompanied by a variety of useful metrics. Among the most visible are likes, dislikes, shares, etc., but there are also behind the scenes metrics that only the poster can see, and these run even deeper. In addition, sentiment analysis can use AI to rapidly scan any and all social media posts that reference your brand in order to determine what the public at large thinks of your company, providing an alternative or a supplement to the more traditional market research toolkit.

Running a company of your own can be stressful at times, and that’s perfectly reasonable, considering all of the ways in which things can and often will go wrong. However, there are plenty of known methods of coping with the various challenges you’ll face, and the majority of them are a matter of public record. Just like data processing in modern businesses, knowledge is power, and these tips will give you the edge you need to excel.

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