Top 5 Tips to Successfully Work From Home


Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many companies have implemented working from home policies – some are mandatory and some are voluntary. This can be quite the challenge for a lot of people and can prove to be a lot trickier than you’d initially think. After having worked from home before during my maternity leave, I feel like I was more prepared than most because I had ironed out a few important things already. Here are my 5 top tips to help you successfully navigate your new way of working.

Set Business Boundaries

Some companies were very hesitant in allowing their employees to work remotely, there were a lot of trust issues to delicately navigate through and, for the most part, these teething problems were resolved fairly quickly. There are always a few bad apples that ruin things for the rest of us though so it is important that you set boundaries with your boss – just because you don’t have an office there anymore does not mean that your working hours have fallen away. Make sure that you don’t burn out trying to be extra productive just to prove a point that working from home can be a permanent solution.

Set Family Boundaries

Working from home with your husband, kids and dogs around isn’t an easy feat. You need to set boundaries with them so they know that you aren’t on holiday, this is difficult at first until everyone adapts to their version of a “new normal” – be patient but firm. What I found works best for me is to work away from the main house, I created an office in our garage so I can feel “detached” in a sense. This has helped my family know that when I’m working I am not to be interrupted unless someone is bleeding (that rule is mostly for my husband, our son isn’t old enough to injure himself yet).

Don’t Change Your Alarm

As tempting as it may be, leave your alarm to go off at the same time it normally would even though you no longer have the morning commute to do. This tip is great because it gives you extra time in the mornings to eat a healthy breakfast or go for a brisk walk. Sticking with some parts of your old routine will make it easier for your kids and pets (and husband) to deal with their new realities, keep as much of their “old normal” as you can to help during the adjustment period.

Stay Cyber Safe

Working from home means you no longer have an entire I.T department and firewall at your disposal to keep your devices safe, now it is all up to you. You need to make sure you are adequately protected so you aren’t a victim of cyber or ransomware attacks, your sensitive company data will be at great risk if you don’t. Your work life will be totally online for the foreseeable future, including fun team building activities like CityHUNT’s virtual games.

Get Dressed

By now we are all well aware of the work-from-home mullet – business at the top and PJ’s on the bottom. I won’t lie and say I’ve never done that, of course I have and it was absolutely glorious. It is, however, important that you make a concerted effort to get dressed every morning, getting dressed for work helps your mind get into work mode and therefore helps you to be more productive during the work day.

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