What You Can Expect When It Comes Time to Divide Assets and Belongings During a Divorce


Going through a divorce is challenging on many fronts. There are usually issues to resolve including those concerning income, debt, and children. One of the most contentious tasks is to try and amicably divide the marital assets and joint possessions. Many legal systems typically recommend the following process.

Work Out an Agreement

Some couples are able to readily distribute their belongings based on prior understanding or use. For example, if a couple has two cars, each spouse takes one. A spouse who has collected favorite music albums during the time they were married logically appears to be entitled to the collection. Spouses may willingly work together agreeably to expedite the divorce proceedings and to maintain a cordial attitude throughout. You might consider making a list to discuss, so that nothing gets overlooked.

Take Turns

When various marital items come into dispute, such as a recently purchased stereo sound system or the riding lawn tractor, you can list these items in any order you wish. This might be based on the length of ownership, individual use or need, or other criteria. Each spouse then takes a turn selecting an item from the list. The second spouse gets the next choice, round robin style. Often, everything can be divided without acrimony in this way.

Draw Lots

Items the two of you cannot agree on could be written on slips of paper and put on the table or in a jar. Then take turns drawing from the slips until the items have been randomly divided. If there is disagreement on one or more selections, you may be able to swap items for the one you want more. This approach can sometimes work unless there are high stakes items or strong sentimental attachment to certain things.

Get Legal Assistance

Sometimes, spouses are unable to sort everything without rancor. In this case, you can get help from a family law practice. They will have experience assisting the division of marital assets go as smoothly as possible during a divorce. The law firm will work with you to resolve the issues surrounding the possessions that cannot be easily decided. Providing objective guidance, the legal experts can advise you of your rights and responsibilities in dividing your belongings in a fair manner. If the spouses cannot agree, a court hearing will be scheduled to finalize the distribution.

Most people can work through their differences to divide their marital possessions. But if you cannot, legal help is available if needed.

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