Top 11 Best Tips to Attract Future Real Estate Buyers


The property market hasn’t been spared by the global health crisis, which has squeezed people’s income and, as a result, reduced their appetite for investing in real estate. However, there’s still a silver lining as some people see an opportunity in a crisis. Below the top eleven tips to help real property sellers attract buyers during this tough time.

1. All-inclusive Design 

Today’s world is conscious of trendy issues, including climate change, a worldwide health crisis, racial injustice, etc. These are the global village talk as they have been telling on how work, play, and living have changed. As a real estate architect, consider a design that creates a sense of fairness, has an urban flair, and promotes every community member’s health and wellness.

2. High-Resolution Videos and Virtual Tours

In this age of rapid digital marketing, customers are so smart that they can find their home choice with a click. You can take advantage of this by using high-resolution videos and virtual tours to promote your real property. Seeing is believing is also true of the property industry.

3. Make the Home Look Futuristic

Before a prospective buyer sees the property on-site, it’s hard for them to know what it may look like in the future. As you exhibit the property, let the client see the latest technology, such as a WIFI-Router in plain view to show them work-home possibilities. Also, to make the closet look large, leave it empty.

4. Professional Photos

Buyers tend to look at the photos of the property to have a pictorial view of it. If the photos are professional and eye-catching, they’ll encourage the customers to check the description to get more information about the real estate. Awesome photos are the best way to grab the buyers’ attention.

5. Relevant Information About the Neighborhood

Potential clients might have questions like; what kind of neighborhood exists where the building or property is located? Is there any business development? What’s the crime rate like?. Does the environment provide amenities such as sports clubs, gyms, etc.? As you’re promoting new neighborhoods, give as much detail as possible about the latest developments there.

6. Outstanding Visuals

If you want to woo as many buyers as you can, work with your photographer closely to produce great pictures and 3D tours. With these clear and unique visuals, clients can see whether the floor plan is workable. Take a step further and use drone footage to capture the whole neighborhood, any prime locations, or ocean views.

7. Neighborhood Growth

Another attractive feature is to highlight neighborhood growth figures. For example, show your buyers the job outlook, increasing property values, top-performing district schools, restaurants, and more.

8. Neighborhood Review Videos

It’s another bright idea to give your prospective customers an idea of what the residential area looks like. Your neighborhood review videos should indicate real estate properties, local businesses, and other beneficial services to the community. You can upload these videos on Youtube with additional information, such as the neighborhood’s name and the city it’s located in. If you are in Calgary and need expert advice contact

9. Selling to the Wholesale Pioneers

Encourage your future clients to buy up-and-coming properties at wholesale prices. Let them understand that there are potential winners if they buy at discounted prices as they’ll sell the properties at a retail price later when they decide to recoup their initial investment.

10. Work with Local Businesses

Local businesses like restaurants, shops, and other specialist retailers can help boost your promotion. You can partner with these enterprises by offering discount coupons to anyone who visits your properties.

11. Focus on the Buyers’ Needs 

Promoting your real estate shouldn’t be only about buildings and other materials things. Rather try also to connect emotionally with your customers by focusing on their pain points, needs, preferences, etc. In other words, understand your audience and engage with it conversationally.

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