7 myths and misconceptions about dog grooming


Dog grooming is one of the reasons that stops people from adopting a pet. It’s seen as somewhat of a never-ending cycle of hard work for outsiders. Yet others (especially freshly mint dog owners/parents) claim that there’s nothing hard about it. So, what’s the truth? Is dog grooming hard or easy? Well, that’s very individual and there is no single answer. However, there are myths and misconceptions flying around and spreading via word of mouth about dog grooming. These misconceptions either scare away great potential owners from adopting or push people that aren’t ready into a serious commitment. We’re hear to overview and debunk 7 myths and misconceptions about dog grooming.

  1. It’s very hard

False. Even though you have some breeds that are more reluctant to obey than others, and breeds that have a hard time understanding certain things, every pup is susceptible to treats and a gentle touch. If you want something done, you can always make use of delicious & savoury snacks as well as your superior intelligence. Most hard tasks are hard because you approach them the wrong way and leave no time for the pooch to adapt and relax. Make sure to do so, and grooming becomes a whole lot easier.

  1. It’s very easy

With what we said previously, you might think that everything’s just a piece of cake. You look at a blog that says ‘Easiest way to trim dog’s nails’ and you already know everything there is to know about a particular grooming procedure. Bam! You’re instantly a pro.

We’re inclined to tell that you couldn’t be more wrong. Even if you read a great blog or watched a 10-minute video on YouTube, there’s no replacement to real, in-field experience. Expect things to be hard, and they’ll seem easier after you finish. Expect things to come easy and they just won’t.

  1. You need to do it super often

Nope, just not true. Some people have the misconception that you need to spend hours every week grooming your pet. The time it requires is actually much less. Unless, of course, your dog rolls around in mud and likes to get dirty. Then, yes, daily rinsing will take up a significant chunk over a longer period.

But aside the occasional washing, grooming isn’t something that a dog needs constantly. Especially if you live in an apartment and don’t raise a breed that’s hooked on running and rolling around, bathing is only needed every 4-6 weeks, nail clipping – 2-4 weeks, hair cutting – depends on the breed and whether it’s a show dog but likely no more than once in 10-16 weeks. So, as you see, grooming does not need to be done super often.

  1. Short-hair & low-shed breeds don’t need any grooming

That’s a popular misconception that creates room for disappointment. Short hair dogs need everything that the long-haired breeds need, just maybe slightly less frequently (with regards to hair). There are no differences apart from that.

  1. Grooming is just like a bath

Nope it’s not and one does not replace the other. They both serve completely different purposes, however. Brushing is more oriented towards general aesthetics whilst a bath is sort of like an insurance policy hygienic and sanitary measure. Bathing is aimed at removing parasites, dirt, bad smells and similar issues. On the other hand, grooming is your day-to-day cleaning for a dog which prevents dead hair or dead skin flakes to stay on.

  1. You need to clip the nails once a quarter

Often, dog parents/owners simply neglect the necessity to look after the nails of their dogs. That’s a common issue which leads to discomfort for the pet, and damage to your property. Nail clipping needs doing quite often because if nails get too long, the dog can’t run or move properly and will scratch most things in their path. PRO tip – get a pet nail grinder with guard. It’s the best tool for nail trimming and it’s much safer than clippers, too. 

  1. You can use any regular bath products

We mentioned baths a bit earlier. Some people make the mistake and give baths to their canine pets more often than necessary. In fact, going to the bath more often than once in 4 weeks is not good for the pet, harmful even. Frequent contact with chemical substances that are present in human shampoos aren’t suitable for four-legged pets. This is also why you must use special dog shampoo which helps the coat to retain its glow and doesn’t harm their skin.

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