Using XY Plots to Communicate Data


Often in business or science, you need to communicate how two items work together. Doing so visually helps you communicate more quickly and easily and makes it easier for your audience to understand and recall information.

For example, you might sell the most ski lift tickets during the month of January, but the increase in sales begins when the weather gets colder. You need to communicate with the corporate office why your ski lift location needs to hire temporary employees two months before other locations. Visual communication provides the easiest way to communicate this information. You can use an XY plot diagram to illustrate how the falling temperatures relate to the ski lift ticket sales.

While you can create these diagrams using Excel for spreadsheet data or MATLAB using a simulation model, you could do so much more easily by using an XY Plot example and template that also leverages the power of artificial intelligence.

The XY plot also referred to as a scatter plot or scatter graph, uses dots on a grid to display data values of variables. You can use these graphics to communicate relationships or illustrate a pattern such as a temperature as an indicator of lift ticket sales. You most commonly see these used in relationship to profit and loss statements, revenue, and sales data. You can use this type of graph to communicate:

  • future trend data such as lift ticket sales predictions,
  • audience or customer behavior patterns such as popular months to visit the lift,
  • display change over time such as increases in sales.

When is it ideal to use an XY plot?

When you need to handle a massive amount of data, use an XY plot. Each data point only uses a small dot and the intersection of many quickly illustrates importance.

While it works great to communicate trends, it does not provide an ideal way to communicate increase or decrease. You can show patterns of development.

You can add trend lines to the plot diagram to call attention to a negative or a positive relationship. Using the newer AI methods of creating these diagrams, you can harness your creativity by using various dot colors, labels, trend lines, customizing the grid, and using graphics or photos as the dots. If people like to take bananas as a snack from the breakfast buffet at the ski lodge more often than apples, you can communicate this to the corporate office with a different scatter plot that uses photos of the fruits as the dots.

Another advantage of AI creation is you can create quadrants and bubble layouts in a single click. Easily switch between the XY plot diagram and your other illustrations with a single click. Improve the communications capabilities of your graphics with more than just images. You can also add shapes and text boxes, plus re-locate them anywhere you like in the layout.

Harness the power of 21st century scatter graphs to illustrate your business and science data. You can easily communicate the most complex data and show its linkage and importance using an XY plot diagram.

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