Understanding What Makes DC’s Stargirl Super


If you’re a fan of superhero comics, movies, and shows, chances are you’ve heard about DC’s Stargirl. Here’s what you need to know about the series before it returns for a second season in 2021.

Behind the Scenes

The show involves many people who have worked on the DC Universe before, including Geoff Johns as the executive producer. Jennifer Lence, Trish Stanard, Rob Hardy, and James Dale Robinson serve as producers, while Warner Brothers handles distribution. 

The young stars include Brec Bassinger in the title role, joined by Anjelika Washington, Yvette Monreal, Trae Romano, and Cameron Gellman. These new talents are joined by veteran actors and actresses, including Christopher James Baker, Amy Smart, Neil Jackson, and Luke Wilson.

On Screen

The plot of Stargirl is based on the earlier comic series Courtney WhitmoreSet ten years after the Injustice Society of America killed almost all members of the Justice Society of America, it follows a high school student who doesn’t realize that she’s connected to this conflict. However, when she finds Starman’s Cosmic Staff in her house, she realizes that her stepfather was a member of the JSA: Stripesy. As Starman’s sidekick, Stripesy played a major role in the last battle but now raises his children without telling them about his past until Courtney confronts him about it. Her path to becoming Stargirl isn’t smooth, and her quest to restart a group of superheroes mirrors many struggles that the average high schooler faces.

Although the plot centers on Courtney Whitmore and her struggle to become Stargirl, it also focuses on her friends and members of the JSA and ISA. Many episodes feature flashbacks of months or years, so you eventually learn the whole backstory of these superheroes. You can also go out and buy comic book to catch up on the story line and characters.

Up Next

The first season of Stargirl debuted in May 2020 and is available on a variety of streaming platforms, including DC’s The CW. The second season is currently in production and should be released during summer 2021. Details about new villains such as Eclipso are already leaking through the production team, so viewers can count on more excitement when the season drops. 

Whether you watch every DC movie as soon as it comes out or you’ve never seen a superhero movie before, give Stargirl a try the next time you’re bingeing a show. With a diverse cast that features girls and women in leadership roles, Stargirl is the uplifting superhero show you’ve been waiting for.

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