5 Awesome Career Ideas for Those Who Love Fitness


There are millions of us across the world who are fitness fanatics. If you enjoy spending your free time exercising and keeping active, imagine being able to get paid for it! There are lots of occupations where you can use your expertise, knowledge, and passion to inspire others on their fitness journey. Whether you like the idea of the physical side of things or prefer the theory aspect, here are some of the best career ideas for those who are passionate about fitness.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers (otherwise known as an AT) practice in the management, prevention, and healing of injured athletes. Athletic trainers work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals to deliver emergency and follow-up care for athletes. During a normal day, the key duties an athletic trainer is expected to carry out include applying bandages and tapes to athletes to add protection and prevent injury, delivering athletic training services, carrying out rehabilitation programmes, and creating injury prevention programmes.

To flourish in this role, you must be an excellent communicator as you will be engaging with injured athletes, as well as doctors, physicians, and health coaches. In some cases, you may need to speak to the athlete’s family to establish when it’s suitable to return to exercising and competition training.

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is responsible for creating and executing fitness programmes for their clients. As a personal trainer, it’s your role to motivate, inspire, and guide your clients to reach their fitness goals. Each person will be different, so you need to know how to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life. There are all kinds of reasons why a client may come to you, such as to gain muscle, lose weight, or boost their confidence and self-esteem.

To work as a personal trainer, you will need to look into personal trainer courses. TRAINFITNESS provide these courses which you can enrol on to become either a personal trainer, gym instructor, or specialise in Pilates. During your personal trainer course, you will gain hands-on knowledge and experience in the field which will help you build strong relationships with your clients. You can be assured that these courses will be accredited and certified which in turn will help advance your career.

Group Fitness Instructor

Group fitness instructors are in charge of organising and leading group exercise classes. Whether it’s muscle conditioning, stretching, or aerobic exercises, there are a variety of classes you can hold for those who are embarking on a fitness journey. You can also use music which can be a great motivator for your group to keep going. No matter what class you run, you must teach your group good posture, proper technique, and be confident in your demeanour.

As you will be communicating with more than one client, you need to speak clearly and be able to multitask. If a member of the group is falling behind, it’s your job to spot them and give them the confidence and motivation to get back on track. If a group member has any problems, you need to be there for support and guidance and have compassion and empathy for their situation.


Regular exercise is key for leading a happy and healthy life, but so is eating healthily. Following a balanced diet is key for keeping fit and in control of your weight, so if you prefer the theory side of fitness, becoming a dietitian may be the perfect role for you. Your daily duties as a dietitian will include setting realistic health goals for your clients, providing knowledge on nutrition, and assessing their current diet.

While many clients will listen to what you say and follow your instructions, others may be more reluctant to admit their flaws. This means that you need to stress the importance of eating healthily and be persistent, otherwise clients may revert to their old ways and get no value from your services.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists are responsible for helping clients recover from injuries and illness which has hindered them from exercising regularly. You will use various exercises and techniques to assist clients in regaining their strength and fitness. This role will give you a huge sense of accomplishment, especially as you begin to see patients regain their confidence.

Your main task will be to get your patients back to their old selves and improve their mobility. To qualify and work as an occupational therapist, you will need to study for an occupational therapy degree which will give you the credentials and experience needed to perform your role successfully.

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, it’s natural that you’ll want your life and career  to be surrounded by it. Waking up each day and doing a job you love can benefit your own health and well-being, so whether you like the idea of personally training others, or give nutrition advice, there are plenty of occupations you can look into.

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