Amenities and Equipment Offered by International Schools


Modern schools are an awesome place to be. Students in the modern era are provided with world-class learning facilities where they are given the opportunity to study subjects which will prepare them to be internationally minded global citizens who take responsibility for the stewardship of the planet. 

There are many advantages of sending your child to a new international school in Bangkok, not least the facilities and equipment which are afforded to students. Many schools are purpose built, meaning that designers, architects and builders can create spaces that have the student’s best interests at heart. 

Music – Modern schools’ music departments include high-quality music performance and recording facilities, giving students the opportunity to practice the skills they require to successfully express themselves via the arts.

Science – A school’s science lab is an important selling point for prospective parents looking for a school to send their children. Parents like to know that their children are safe to explore the universe through a state-of-the-art laboratory where they can perform experiments that help them learn about the world. A science lab has to be one of the best advantages of a new international school in Bangkok

P.E. – A common attribute of any school is its playing field or playground. Modern, purpose-built schools regularly offer additional sports equipment such as:

A basketball court – this is hugely popular in Thailand, with schools often competing against other schools for trophies.

A soccer field – A ‘must have’ for any school, students around the world are obsessed with the beautiful game. A soccer field is often the center of the PE department, with students regularly choosing to play soccer at recess.

Swimming pool – Surprisingly, as Thailand has thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, swimming is not a popular pastime in Thailand. Many adult Thais can’t swim. These days, swimming is considered an essential life skill that can not only save your life but can assist in students maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most modern international schools in Bangkok offer a swimming pool. 

Whatever school you send your child to, be sure to check that they offer amenities that can help your child to become an internationally minded global citizen who cares about the world and their fellow students. Research the school’s philosophy and ask questions about how they plan to improve their facilities over the next five years.

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