3 Unique Ways To Get To Know Your Employees Better


You want to do your best to get to know your employees, but you aren’t sure how to get this done. The more you know them, the closer they’ll feel to your company. It’ll be easier to respond to their needs, which helps improve productivity. The following are three unique ways you can get to know your employees a bit more.

1. Bucket List Guessing

One thing you can do is have your employees write down 10 things they want to accomplish in life. In essence, they will create a bucket list, and have everyone seal the list so that only the manager or you can read who wrote them. After that, read the lists out loud during a meeting with your team without saying who wrote them.

The goal is to have each team member guess who wrote each list and see who gets it right. You might want to sweeten the game a bit by offering a gift or maybe a weekend off to the members who can guess the writer. You can continue this game by changing what each team member has to divulge.

Maybe one week you can have them write down what their favorite animal is, or maybe you can have them write down what their favorite dessert is. The goal is going to be the same. You want them to guess who wrote what. This should encourage your employees to get to know each other better, and you’ll get to know them better as well. Every so often, you can add questions related to work, like what kind of perks each person would like your company to offer them.

2. Virtual Escape Room

Another fun thing you can do to get to know your employees is to try an escape room. These fun activities require people to get to know each other so that everyone knows each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Of course, you might want to consider an escape room activity that can be done online.

A virtual team building exercise can be as effective as one that’s done in person. These types of activities also create a feeling of comradely, and that ends up creating loyalty among your employees. You want loyalty because that’s one of the most effective ways of keeping your employees in house rather than them looking for opportunities elsewhere.

On top of that, doing this virtually means you can get all of your employees involved even the ones who are working remotely. It’s hard for those who work remotely to get to know their coworkers, but this is a good way to do so. Being a part of this helps you feel more connected to them, and that should help create a pretty beneficial environment within your place of business.

3. Hosting a Talent Show

It may be a good idea to consider hosting a talent show every month. This will allow all your employees to showcase something their good at. Even if your employees think they don’t have a talent, doing something badly can be fun for everyone as long as the contests are friendly.

Make sure you allow everyone to showcase whatever talent they want to showcase. If someone wants to sing, then let him or her sing. If someone prefers to bring in a painting or something similar, then let the person do that. The things each employee chooses to do will give you a clue as to who they are.

The right choice of song could create bonds between you and your employees. If you are going to be doing this every month, then make sure you offer some kind of big present. Be sure to go up there yourself to give everyone else the courage to do something. Don’t let anyone skip so that you keep the show going unless there’s an emergency. If someone tries to skip and you let it happen, then the rest will try to do the same thing.

Now, you know how to make sure you and your employees get to know each other better at work. This will take some time, but at least, you’ll have fun getting there, and that’s the key.

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