5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2021


Everyone is out to start their own business today because who doesn’t want to be their own boss? With the rise in access to a wide variety of tools that allow businesses to run online, people want to know the best formula to become a successful entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur involves a lot of intuition and going with your gut feeling. However, to be a truly successful and strong one, you need to take notes from those who have been through the same process successfully. There are many who wish to share their lessons with you. If you look in the right places, you can get an opportunity to learn from them!

There are thousands of websites across the internet providing endless guidelines on how to be a pro at making money from your business idea. You may have gone through several already and have found some favorites you enjoy visiting over and over. 

To save you the trouble of going through countless more clickbait articles, we have shortlisted the top five websites for every entrepreneur to go through for the best ideas!

1. MyFrugalBusiness

Who doesn’t want to benefit from expert advice? What is even more helpful is if the expert is able to understand and solve your specific problem in a step-by-step procedure, there’s nothing more satisfying than this. 

Myfrugalbusiness.com is a website dedicated to this. They allow users to have access to in-depth yet comprehensive guidelines for resolving common but complex business issues related to e-commerce, website development, and many other niches. The website caters to businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. 

2. Melbourne Media Consulting

Melbourne Media Consulting brings the highest level of service in the online marketing space. With a 10- years experience in serving several industry-leading organizations, this consultancy knows what advice to give out to businesses of all sizes. 

They focus on providing services that will result in tangible results. Among these services are search engine optimization, content creation, social media, and online reputation management, along with website design and construction. They also offer sales coaching for businesses that aim to boost their sales. 

Entrepreneurs looking to expand their business through the ever-growing online platform should look into this consultancy for a smoother path to success. Their transparent fee structure also makes the service more attractive with a lesser chance of being conned.

3. Social Media Examiner

Between the thousands of Facebook pages and YouTube ads, how do you make sure your brand reaches the desired target market? 

With increased globalization, the necessity of learning how to reach the maximum number of people is real. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness, and increase sales through social media if they want to outperform their competitors.

Social Media Examiner publishes online magazines, blog posts, and podcasts based on the use of social networks. The platform offers a lot of insight for both newcomers and experienced users on how to use social media to make your business idea a success. It enables you to understand which social media tool will help you best achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. It also offers guidance on how to make your business the most lucrative through these tools.

4. Business Owner’s Toolkit by BizFilings

It’s not enough to simply have a business idea. To bring it out into the world as a legitimate company, the entrepreneur needs to put in some extra work. This includes paperwork revolving around HR, accounting, and day-to-day operations activities.

The Business Owner’s Toolkit offers the best place to find everything needed to setup and start running a legal, official business. This website also lets you make use of guides, articles, and even forms to start your own business. There are templates for every kind of business. Even if you want to start off as a sole proprietor, you can benefit from the templates.

Not getting the expected profits? Don’t think about losing your business game. The website also offers tips and strategies to increase the motivation level of those entrepreneurs who are playing hard but aren’t getting the right results from their business.

5. LinkedIn

You may be wondering how LinkedIn, a recognized platform for recruiters, is something of value for entrepreneurs. But LinkedIn is much more than a social recruiting platform. While the website allows you to build and expand your professional network, LinkedIn also helps you connect and learn from many other entrepreneurs. 

It gives you an opportunity to go beyond personal social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. For business ideas that will be likely to expand in the future, the website serves the purpose of the best job portal that will allow entrepreneurs to select from a pool of candidates.

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