Digital Asset Management For Your Workplace


Depending on the nature of your workplace, you may find that Digital Asset Management has a lot of benefits for you. When you have a large number of people working at one, or even several, locations, you need to make sure that they all have access to the required images and assets that will allow them to complete their tasks. As a manager, it is part of your responsibility to make sure systems that promote good, efficient working are in place, to help with productivity and increase staff morale through removing unnecessary amounts of stress.

File Searching

When those you manage need to use a vast number of digital assets within their tasks, you don’t want the majority of their time to be spent hunting down files looking for the latest versions, especially if they cannot remember the file name. This time spent searching for the images can often be put to better use. By using Digital Asset Management from, the file searching process can become incredibly simple.

Using keywords and other data relating to specific folders, your team can search for files much as they would if using a regular search engine by using metadata. These files can then be previewed to check that they are correct before downloading, which also reduces the likelihood of time and computer memory wasted on downloading incorrect content and then needing to continue the search.


Some digital assets that you have may be fairly sensitive, especially if they relate to marketing or other campaigns that have yet to be announced and released. Considering that there have been thousands of data breaches in just the past year shows how easy it is for information and intellectual property to become compromised. Being able to store your digital assets on a secure system that is linked to a user account, as opposed to a physical machine, can help to increase your privacy and security.

In the event that a business computer is stolen, the perpetrator will have no luck accessing these assets because they will be connected to your system account, as opposed to being held within your computer storage.

Shared Working

Working with others is likely to incorporate a large part of your managerial role. You want to make sure you can offer support to those who work with you, without it interfering in your ability to complete your own tasks. By using a DAM system to handle images and files amongst your team, without needing to send a potentially confusing multiple recipient email, this can stop you from getting bogged down by numerous questions and constant inbox notifications.

Looking after your team, and improving their work efficiency using DAM software, can really help you all to achieve deadlines with less stress. A happier, less burdened workforce are more likely to produce better results, and to be willing to go that extra mile, than those who are made to stick to the same, traditional process, without looking for means to improve the work undertaken.

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