Sudden Raise in Your Business’s Bills But Don’t Know Why? Here Are 4 Things to Check


When your business gets a bill that is higher than usual, it takes some investigating to find the root of the problem. There could be dozens of reasons why your water, electric or HVAC bills are wasting your money. Here are 4 potential causes of your unusually high bills.

Vampire Appliances

Having appliances constantly plugged into the sockets is convenient, especially in an office that uses many computers, but you don’t consider the negative consequences of this action. You’re using considerably more electricity than necessary for appliances that no one is using. One solution is to use a multi-socket power strip that allows you to flip a switch and turn off multiple appliances at the same time. A smart power strip turns off automatically to save energy.

Hidden Leaks

A leak often goes unnoticed for months, resulting in expensive water bills. Many leaks are found behind walls or floors, and to repair it, you have to remove this structure and cause more damage. A leak in the foundation seems difficult or impossible to repair. In some cases, you can fix an underground leak repair yourself by turning off the water line or digging a trench. For most leaks in general, it’s necessary to hire a professional to handle the repair.

Outdated Equipment

Old, outdated equipment has to work harder and use more energy to produce the same output as newer models. Since technology was less advanced 50 or more years ago, the machinery was not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Install newer, more efficient machines that have been tested and proven to conserve significant amounts of energy.

Unused Lights

Leaving the lights on in unused rooms is a common habit. Some store owners leave the lights on overnight to prevent theft; however, it’s more effective to install security lights at the front of the store. You cannot rely on your employees to turn off the lights every time they leave a room. Install motion detection lighting that switches on and off as people enter and leave the room.

Most businesses are wasteful in one way or another without knowing it. They do not use the most efficient appliances or techniques to save their money and resources. Then, the owner or manager is shocked when the utility bills arrive. Every business owner must come up with a few, simple strategies to reduce expenses and see the improvements on the next bills.

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