Valuable Lessons from Classic Holiday Movies


With COVID-19 still in full effect, many are continuing to spend extended amounts of time at home. With the holiday season upon us, that means more time to cozy up to the classic holiday movies we all know and love. 

If you plan on binging a few, consider this new twist on your favorite classics: have you ever wondered how much some of the antics in these films would actually cost in real life? From Buddy the Elf’s spaghetti-syrup breakfast, to Scrooge’s gifts to the Cratchit family, CreditRepair analyzed some of these iconic movie moments and figured out just how much it would actually take to see them happen in real life. 

While you probably shouldn’t try and recreate most of these moments yourself (as delicious as Buddy’s sugar filled breakfast sounds..), there are some important lessons to be learned from each of these lovable characters—namely, that holiday spending can easily get out of hand—and that the real value of the season doesn’t require you to spend a dime. Dive into the fun visual below to read what was discovered about the true cost of these classic holiday favorites! 

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