How Is the Joy of Casinos Brought Safely into Our Homes?


The introduction of online casinos has seen the thrill, excitement and enjoyment of playing games such as Slots, Poker and Roulette experienced right in the comfort of our own homes – available on both desktop and mobile devices, with over 30 million online gamblers in the UK. The latest technology provides sleek and sophisticated gameplay and the option to play so many varieties of casino games. But when personal details, money and high-stakes are involved, how can you be sure to play with confidence and transparency? And what are the things that make a safer casino online? Let us take you through some of them. 

License and Regulations

An online casino site must by licensed and regulated by an external, official casino jurisdiction in order to operate and prove that their players are fully protected when online. 

In the UK, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulates and provides the license of online casino sites to ensure the security of players’ funds and assets, as well as a fun and safe gaming environment. 

For some of the other countries in the world, and still including casino sites in the UK, they are also regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – with one of their stipulations being that the players’ funds are kept apart from the casino sites’ operating funds.

Age Restrictions 

Online casinos are prohibited to those under the age of 18, so most sites implement a strict identity verification system – although each casino site has their own way of registering new customers. Some require documentation, alongside a name and address, to prove the age and identity of their players, to guarantee a safe and fun place to gamble for everyone. 

Keeping Your Own Details Safe 

As well as the online casino sites putting safety measure into place to make sure you’re playing and gambling in the best way, they also recommend certain ways that the players themselves can heighten the security of playing online. This can include advice such as: 

  • Creating different login details for each online casino site
  • Keeping your browser system or app updated to the latest available version
  • Logout of your online account whenever you are not using it 
  • Always check that the domain name is the correct one and never enter your login details to a site that does not look legit 
  • For an extra layer of security on your account, activate a 2-Step authentication on your account, if available
  • Do not respond to, download attachments or click links in emails that are suspicious or not from the official email of the online casino. 

Official Game Developers

The benefit of an online casino is that they can offer players a huge library of classic and new casino games. All of which would have been created and developed with the latest technology, security and the industry’s top pioneering software by regulated game suppliers.  

The biggest game developers can also design officially licensed titles based on your favourite film, TV show, rock band and many other pop culture references. With a prestigious name associated with the game, you can be assured even more so that it has been created with all the measures forementioned.  

RNG Software

Random Number Generator (RNG) software ensures that the outcome of the particular online casino game being played is completely random, so you know that the it is as fair as possible – and in some cases, when it comes to Slots, giving players a better chance of winning compared to their land-based physical counterparts. Use of a RNG also improves the security of the result of the game, as it decreases the chance of the game being manipulated or the outcome being tampered with in anyway against your favour. 

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