Cannabis Edibles for the Christmas Table


Yep, it’s that time of year again! But this time, why not celebrate Christmas with a little bit of a twist. You know, it doesn’t hurt to mix things up every once in a while by bringing a few cannabis edibles to the party, does it?

Over the past few years, US citizens have witnessed the mass legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. This means it can only be used for medical purposes in some states, whereas in others, cannabis is completely fair game, and you can consume the wonderful plant in just about any way you see fit.

There are topicals, concentrates, oils, vapes, bongs, and just about everything in between, but one of the all-time favorite ways to consume cannabis is via a tasty little edible. These fantastic inventions come in all shapes and sizes these days thanks to the weird and wonderful products made available by the legalized cannabis industry, which is great news for all you weed connoisseurs out there.

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can incorporate some cannabis edibles into your Christmas day celebrations. It looks like this is going to be a fun Christmas!

A Herbal Christmas With Cannabis Edibles

If you head down to your local cannabis dispensary, you’ll likely be amazed by the sheer number of options available on the market today, especially if you smoked weed before it was fully legalized. Gone are the days of the dodgy black market deals. 

Now you can buy super high-quality products that cater to just about every dietary requirement. Vegan? No problem. There is a whole range of cruelty-free products available. You can even buy gluten and lactose-free products. 

If you’re into herbal products, you’re in luck, as there are tons of suppliers offering specialized goods such as:

  • THC & CBD infused capsules
  • Garlic herb cannabutter
  • Cannabis tea
  • Cannabis coffee
  • Cannabis honey

Most Common Cannabis Edibles for Christmas Table 

If you’re really looking to surprise your guests, then you simply need to bring some of the top draw cannabis supplies to the table. These days you can get all kinds of Christmas themed weed treats that will amaze your guests. You can use them as a garnish, as a side dish, or even infuse them with your main course, as long as you have the necessary culinary skills for the job.

On that note, here are some of the most common cannabis edibles for your Christmas table:

  • Christmas weed cookies (of course)
  • Cannabis-infused turkey gravy
  • Prime rib with cannabis chimichurri sauce
  • Marijuana snowball Christmas cookies
  • Cannabis buffalo Chex mix
  • Cannabis pumpkin pie

Nowadays, the sky really is the limit when it comes to cannabis edibles. If you feel comfortable cooking using cannabis, it opens up a massive amount of opportunities. For starters, you can make just about any cake recipe on the internet become an edible weed recipe simply by changing out the butter for cannabutter.

Additionally, you can always throw in some of the classics by binging some THC laced gummy bears or weed lollipops.

Cannabis Edibles – Christmas Gifts For Everyone

When we say Christmas gifts for everyone, we of course mean for those of the legal age and live in an area where recreational cannabis is legalized, but you already knew that.

If you know someone who loves to smoke weed, why not treat them to a thoughtful present this year. You know they’d much prefer some high-quality edibles rather than another Amazon gift card for the fourth year in a row.

Again, if you do decide to treat your friend or a loved one to a cannabis edible, there are two routes you can go. You can either make them yourself, or you can buy one of the many different options available to you at your cannabis dispensary.

Both of them have their merits, of course. Making them yourself is always a little more thoughtful (and cheaper), but you have to be careful that you get the concentrations of the compounds correct. Otherwise, they could end up far too strong, or worse; you may not feel anything at all.

Don’t forget; there are many different options you can go for, so make sure you do your research beforehand and figure out what their preferences are.

If they smoke weed a lot, they probably have a high tolerance, which means you should opt for an edible with a much higher THC concentration. On the other hand, if they don’t really enjoy the psychoactive effects, then you should consider going for a product that’s higher in CBD content, or maybe even steer clear from THC altogether.

Whatever you decide, have a happy Christmas and enjoy the holidays. 


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