Gift Ideas For Those Working From Home


It is no secret that people are spending an increasing amount of time indoors and in front of their computer screens this year. If you are looking to some gifts for those on your list that are working from home – then you have to check out the following products from FluidStance. These gifts keep ergonomics in mind, and are good for the environment.

FluidStance The Slope

Did you know that every year, 50 Billion paper sticky notes are made? That’s millions of trees cut down from our amazing forests. The Slope is here to help reduce your eco-footprint by eliminating disposable paper notes.

Inspired by an open, groomed ski run, FluidStance’s Slope lets you lay down your thoughts while you help protect our forests. Worthy of the modern office, the Slope was designed to fit perfectly in the space between your keyboard and monitor. It offers a gentle angle for writing and a premium dry-erase surface. Slope’s raised surface means you can slide your keyboard under it for storage, freeing up extra space on your desk. Plus the Slope and the Raise seamlessly integrate with each other to create a more productive and de-cluttered workspace.

Slope features a channel to hold your dry-erase marker and other tools, with  a dedicated space for your charging cable. Made of 100% heavy-duty steel (perfect for magnets), Slope is powder-coated with a low-emissions method near FluidStance’s warehouse in Santa Barbara, California for the perfect dry-erase surface on your desk.

Slope has felt bumpers to protect your desk and the dry-erase pen comes in a microfiber eraser pouch.

Made in California. And to help further reduce the impact on the environment, for every Slope sold, FluidStance will plant one tree.

FluidStance The Slope+

The Slope+ features FluidStance’s original Slope as well as a premium wireless charger – the accompanying slim, lightweight charger is mounted on a custom silicone stand that was crafted to fit inside the channel of your Slope, providing support and cord management when charging your phone or tablet. It allows an optimal angle of view and adds even more functionality to your workspace while reducing clutter. The top-of-the-line wireless charging pad contains three charging coils, which means your device will charge whether it’s in a vertical or horizontal position. 

I personally love this new version with the wireless charger. It helps keep my desk more organized without a charging cable draped across it.

FluidStance The Raise

Wherever you’re working, the ergonomic design of Raise will de-clutter your workspace and enhance your productivity. It will help elevate your computer monitor to eye-level for optimal ergonomics, reducing neck pain, eye strain, and poor posture.

Its elegant and minimalist appearance makes it a seamless addition to your work space. It can be used on any stable surface and its four silicone grommets provide grip while protecting your desk top. Raise provides the perfect nesting spot for desk accessories. In fact, it was designed to integrate with Slope™, the personal desktop whiteboard mentioned above. Learn more about the Raise + Slope.

Continuing with FluidStance’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly materials, the Raise is made from 13-ply Birch veneer plywood with a low-emitting finish. Its legs are made from 100% steel and powder-coated in white using a low-emissions process.

FluidStance’s products can also be found on Amazon – perfect for buying and sending to those who can’t be home for the holidays.

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