5 Marketing Strategy Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed in All the Noise


Business competition is stronger than ever, which means small business owners need to be proactive and creative in promoting their companies. Whether you decide to hire a marketing firm or tackle your marketing on your own, here are some tips that can help to get your company known.

Interactive Website

Build a solid website for your company that attracts viewers and provides interactive features such as chat information, order processing, and product reviews. People tend to stay longer at sites where they can engage with the business to learn more about the company or transact purchases as well as offer feedback.

Business and Civic Connections

Join local business groups like the chamber of commerce and civic organizations like the Rotary or Lions Club. Members are usually community leaders and business experts who can offer advice or referrals to entrepreneurs launching a new business. You can also give presentations about your company or the industry you are affiliated with. Consider participating in professional community activities, such as a meet-and-greet, to become a stakeholder in local business. Pen an article or e-book with suggestions or advice for others who may want to enter your occupation.

Social Media

Facebook remains a popular way for companies to establish a friendly online presence and build a following. Twitter gives company owners a voice in tweeting news and updates while developing a persona that visitors can relate to. Instagram allows you to show off your products and get potential customers interested in them. On Linked In, you can network with other business owners and attract customers. Take advantage of these free platforms to introduce your business to the world.

SEO Content

To help potential customers find your site, you need to be thinking about what search engines see on your site, which means you need to do some search engine optimization. Develop SEO content for your website by using keywords that link to specific website pages for your business activities. You may also want to write guest blogs for business associates and use keywords placed strategically in the post. The keywords will lead readers to your site for information or to place an order. Avoid overusing a keyword; otherwise, the content may appear contrived.

Share Locally

When you have an interest in your community, you can better draw community members to your business. Give talks about your company, products, or industry to local high schools and community colleges. Donate money, services, or products to local causes. Sponsor fundraising events for a local family in need. Offer interviews with helpful tips via radio or internet. You will feel good doing so while also raising awareness of your business.

There are many free or low-cost ways to build your business image locally and globally. Try tips like these to let others know about your presence and the high standards by which you conduct business.

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