4 Reasons Why Every Cryptocurrency User Should Have a Crypto Debit Card


Saying that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become all the rage is a major understatement. Not only are cryptocurrencies a sound investment in today’s changing times, but they take a lot of the guesswork out of digital peer-to-peer transactions. They’re growing in popularity by the day, as well, with an increasing number of nations and countries declaring them a legal payment option.

In other words, it’s to every upwardly mobile individual’s benefit to consider making cryptocurrency a part of their financial plans for the future. The recent introduction of crypto cards makes using and paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies an even better choice, but are they for you? Here’s a closer look at a few of the biggest benefits crypto debit cards bring to the table.

1. They make it easy to use cryptocurrency in your everyday life.

If you’re like most people, you don’t use cash to make most of your everyday purchases. According to a 2016 Gallup poll, only 14 percent of consumers choose it as their go-to payment method, and those numbers have only continued to shrink in the ensuing years. These days, digital payment platforms (like PayPal or Venmo) and plastic payment cards (like credit or debit cards) are the top alternatives by a landslide.

Crypto debit cards let you seamlessly use cryptocurrency to pay for your everyday expenses as seamlessly as you can your debit or credit card. Most cards are issued via Visa or Mastercard, just like other debit cards, so you can use them anywhere those are accepted – pretty much everywhere. Fill up your gas tank, pay your phone bill, buy groceries, take your best friend out to dinner, and more. The possibilities are endless when you have a crypto card in your wallet.

2. They take the guesswork out of international living.

If you’re an international business owner, a frequent world traveler, or otherwise lead a multi-national lifestyle, you’re likely already in love with cryptocurrency for its versatility. It can easily be converted into any currency you wish and transferred anywhere in the world. Now crypto debit cards add another facet to transactions that make them even more convenient to use.

Holding multiple crypto cards simplifies the process of holding as many different world currencies at a time as you wish. They also make it easy to sidestep economic instability in countries where that could be an issue, making them a wise alternative to traditional debit cards. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can’t be manipulated, so they retain their value wherever your travels may take you next.

3. You enjoy simple, convenient control over your currency.

Traditional debit and credit cards are convenient for more reasons than the exceptional ease of payment they offer. If you feel like your PIN may have been compromised, you can change it in seconds via a handy smartphone app. You can lock a card just as quickly if you lose it or are worried it may have been stolen. You can do all of these same things with a crypto debit card and even more in some cases.

If you ever do need quick access to cash, your crypto card can be used at any ATM, as well. Although each bank and ATM will naturally charge their own fees, your currency exchange won’t, so you hold on to as much of your hard-earned money as possible, regardless of how you decide to use your card.

4. You can enjoy even more unique rewards and benefits.

Credit card companies understand that modern consumers have their options out there, so most offer customers unique rewards that make their cards extra attractive. Some options let users accumulate free airline miles, while others provide cashback toward eligible purchases and other rewards. For every lifestyle, need, and benefit, there’s sure to be a credit card out there that hits the mark entirely.

Once you start evaluating your crypto card options, you’ll find this is true for those, as well. Take the time to shop around for the best options. Start by taking a look at the top crypto debit cards and carefully considering each choice’s benefits. You’re sure to find an option that’s perfect for you.

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