5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Work Harder


Without good employees, it is next to impossible to have a successful business – something far too many managers have not figured out yet! Unfortunately, very often business owners and managers don’t know how to motivate their employees so that they can get the best they have to offer. Here are 5 ways to let your employees know you appreciate them, which is a great motivation for them to work harder!

1. Maintain a Nice Physical Atmosphere

Most everyone has heard about Google and the benefits of working there, such as the company encouraging employees to bring their pets to work. It is little perks like these that can keep employees motivated and can encourage people to apply to a job in your office. If this is an idea that just won’t work for your business, there are other things you can do to ensure a nice, friendly working atmosphere: you can look into pool designs Pensacola to build a pool on the premises for summer lunchtime swims (which would pretty much guarantee that no one would mind coming to work), you could install a big screen television in the break room, or you could buy a deluxe coffee/tea/cocoa maker so that your staff feels pampered. Think “outside the box” to find ways to make it so employees can’t wait to come to the office.

2. Maintain a Nice Mental Atmosphere

No one likes to go into work if the boss is crabby, unfriendly, and negative. Employees deserve to see your best, friendliest face, and to see you with a positive attitude – don’t just reserve this attitude for customers, because employees will notice this behavior and get discouraged.

3. Plan Celebrations and Surprises

Everyone likes to feel special, and celebrating birthdays and holidays as a group lets employees know you care about them and the days that are special to them. Hire a caterer for the holiday party, or let the birthday boy/girl choose their favorite restaurant and let everyone put in an order for their favorite dish. If you were an employee, wouldn’t you love it if, on the hottest day of the year, someone surprised you with an ice cream party? Or if someone paid for you and your family to go to a ballgame? (Along with other employees and their families?) Of course you would! Who doesn’t love surprises, and who doesn’t love free fun?

These may feel like “extras” and not “necessities,” but these are things that employees remember forever, and they are why people brag to their friends about how great they have it at work. Letting them know that you appreciate them and want them to enjoy their time at work is a great way to motivate employees.

4. Avoid Micromanaging Them

People do not like working with micromanagers. At best it’s annoying; at worst it can make an employee feel like you don’t trust them to do their job. Give them the information they need to complete a project, and then step back. It’s OK to have milestones where you talk about where they are and what they still need to do, but no one wants someone checking up on them all the time. Micromanaging is a sure-fire way for employees to feel disrespected, which will cause them to lose all motivation.

5. Offer Good Benefits

This one can be tough for a small company, but having good benefits attracts good people and helps to keep them. It also lets your employees know that you are on their side and really do want the best for them. If you aren’t yet big enough to be able to offer a great health insurance benefits package, look into some different benefit options that may work for your employees.

There are many ways, big and small, ranging from a bit pricey to free, to motivate your employees so that you can get the best out of them. Mainly, though, it comes down to respecting them and valuing them for the work they do.

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