Smart Home Tech For A Safer Holiday Season


The holiday season is upon us, and while it brings about a lot of merriment, it may bring up some concerns as well. With a pandemic keeping everyone at home and apart, the holiday season will likely look much different than ever before. But unfortunately, there is one part of the holiday season that holds fast year over year: and that’s home accidents.

From fires that start from pops deep-frying a ham in the kitchen to a rickety ladder giving out while someone is putting up the Christmas lights, there is a lot of danger during the happiest time of the year. And since no one wants to spend Christmas eve at the doctors office, it’s no surprise that parents are taking extra precautions this year to keep their families safe.

Santa Loves Smart Homes

Many people may discover smart home devices under the tree this year, and for good reason. With recent expansions in the latest technology, homeowners can now monitor their entire home from wherever they are. This means if your Christmas tree catches fire while you’re on a walk to see the lights, you can call for help and prevent the spread of smoke by shutting off your HVAC system straight from your device.

Other devices like indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as motion-sensored lights can help guard your home from potential intruders. While smart plugs and automatic locks can make sure your home is safe and secure even when you forget to turn off the lights or lock the front door.

Interested in getting a head start on protecting your holiday fun? Check out the infographic on smart devices for the holidays by Hippo below and get to shopping!

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