How to Decorate Your Kids’ Rooms


You’re trying to decorate your child’s room, and you want to do this right for your kid’s sake, but you’re struggling with ideas. Well, the following tips can help guide you in the right direction.

Colorful Curtains

It’s important to use colorful curtains. It’s easy to overlook the curtains and focus on the rest of the room, but this part of the room is vital. Sometimes, the curtains are the most colorful things in the room.

You want the colors you choose to match the rest of the room. Having bold colors makes the room feel brighter. It also helps accentuate the colors you are using within the room. Keep in mind that bright colors can brighten your child’s mood as well.

Go Big for Your Kids

The next thing you want to do is add one big item to your kid’s room, just for fun. Adding this big thing accentuates how small your kids are at the moment. You can probably remember how fun it was to stand next to something big when you were small.

One addition to make is a big bean bag chair. Another idea is to give your kid one large wall art piece as long as you let your child choose the piece. Maybe he or she wants a picture of a favorite TV character or artist.

Use Your Kids’ Toys

Chances are your kids have a few big toys that are hard to store away. You can use that in your favor by incorporating some of these items into your decor. You can place some of these on counters, desks, or wherever you want to place them.

If there’s a way to hang these toys, consider placing them on hooks, but the hooks need to be kid-friendly. If you know that you’re going to be using toys to decorate the room, then try to use the colors of these toys to guide your decisions.

Stick to Matching Pillows

Placing pillows around the room is a great idea as long as the fabrics fit in with everything. You want to pay attention to the curtains you’re using or the toys you’re decorating the room with. Find pillows that echo some of the colors you’re using.

This doesn’t mean you should have pillows all over the room. A few pillows should be more than enough for the room. These additions should be fluffy and comfortable because your kids will probably lay on them or use them while they’re playing.

Don’t Forget to Educate a Bit

Do not forget to educate your kids as you decorate their rooms. There’s a lot you can do to make sure this happens. For example, you can place a glow in the dark solar system on the ceiling. You can also consider placing charts or geometric decorations throughout the room. You can put word art on the wall as well to help with spelling.

Talk to your kids about some of these ideas to see what kind of decorations they would like in their rooms. If you don’t want to educate with decorations, then buy some education-focused toys. Again, your kids should help choose the toys. If they don’t like what you pick, the chances of them using the toys are pretty low.

Think of the Floor

Kids are always going to find reasons to get on the floor. You need to anticipate this by ensuring each room has floor coverings. Most parents would choose a few rugs, but that’s just one option.

Some parents opt for broadloom carpets, while others use rubber mats. If you’re going to cover the entire floor, then it would be a good idea to choose a neutral color so that the room doesn’t feel overwhelming. If you’re going to use a neutral color large area rug, you can add a little color with a few small, colorful rugs.

If you still aren’t sure how to decorate your children’s rooms, then talk to a professional interior decorator. These folks can make rooms look exceptional if you trust them. All you have to do is share your and child’s ideas, and they can bring these ideas to life.

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