How Has The Pandemic Changed Technology for Real Estate?


We continue to say the words new normal in just about every situation in life today. We have been thrust into a world that we never have expected. However, we quickly learned how to handle life as it is today. There has been a large amount of technological advancement in this world where we must remain socially distant. Much of these advances were as a result of necessity, but in reality, they have been needed for a long time. These advancements have made investments, such as buying and selling, in real estate a much easier process. It has been incredibly helpful for real estate investors like Paul Daneshrad and allowed them to continue their business even when people are not able to be in the same space at the same time.

At the time, these advances are just in time and intended to be short term. The pandemic has continued far longer than many had expected and these short-term fixes have become something that could be a long-term process. One of the advancements that went through quickly was the ability to sign documents with an electronic signature. Many documents are able to be signed from the safety of your own home electronically. Another advancement is the ability to video chat or meet with each other. There could be a meeting between realtors, sellers, buyers, and lawyers as needed. Another advancement is the ability to use video for potential buyers to walk through a house so they do not have to be in the house in person. There has also been extensive use of drones and satellite images to help show off the property.  As surprising as it may seem, some houses sell just on the videos and virtual tours. People are actually buying houses without ever visiting them in person.

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