How to Make Your Sales Engagement Platform Work for You


You can run much of your business online if you take the right steps, but you may find it overwhelming to look at all the many ways internet services can help you along the way. If you get the right sales engagement platform, though, here are a few ways you can make the tech do the work for you.

Sync or Swim

You have a variety of accounts to provide different services, but ideally, your sales engagement platform should sync all of them together. Otherwise, you’ll spend your day switching from email to calendar to to-do lists and cut down the time you could accomplish real work.

A useful platform will keep track of each service for you and present the data in a way that’s easy to understand and use throughout the workday. You should be able to maintain some control over what syncs and what isn’t necessary, but letting the computer take over the process will make your job simpler and more efficient. 

Automated Campaigns

Timing the release of any advertising campaign and tracking the resulting data afterward can be an exhausting — and again, time-consuming — process. Even once you collect the data, you may not understand the implications of what you’ve been doing or where the data indicates a need for change.

The sales engagement platform you use should be able to maintain the process for you. Once you input the campaign details, it should automate the flows and tracking. An excellent platform will format the results to clarify your next steps, especially where to continue and where to change your process.

Contact is Key

If you have to spend your time tracking down specific pieces of information, you’ll find your day is half over before you can accomplish the tasks before you. 

What you need is an integrated platform that allows you access to other relevant applications so that you can create, tweak, or look at your records, contact details, or other data. Optimally, you should be able to call or message people using the information they gave you with no transition necessary. 

End Schedule Conflicts

Creating a new link every time you want to make an appointment with someone is a hassle, and far more so if you can’t compare calendars and find a time that works for both parties. If you can’t agree on a time, the process starts all over again as you search for a coworker who can meet with your client.

Your sales engagement platform should be able to help with this too since personal appointments and problem-solving tend to build your sales. Let the technology work for you by automatically creating links and searching out calendar space to offer your clients while still allowing you to customize the fields as necessary.

In an age of technology, you have a lot of options to keep your business in order. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you and use your platform to accomplish the busywork so you can do the job you love.

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