7 Tips for Moving Long Distance


When someone is preparing to make a move across the country, they need to plan for the trip and figure out what should be done to make everything go as smoothly as possible. There is a big difference between moving across town and moving to a new state, and the one preparing for a long distance move has to figure out how they are going to handle everything.

1. Make a Big Deal Out of Telling Friends Goodbye

When someone is moving away from people they have known for years, they need to make sure that they spend time with those people before they leave and that they make plans for when they will see them again. No one wants to be mourning a lost relationship as they are heading out on a move, so the one moving away from friends should make a big deal out of spending time with those friends and telling them goodbye – and they should make solid plans for coming back to see the friends.

2. Go Through the Home and Find Items to Donate

Before someone starts to pack up their belongings they should figure out if they really want everything they own or if they have items in their house that they would like to donate. It is better to decide that a coffee table no longer fits the aesthetic that a person wants to have before their move than to decide that once they are at their new home and they have already taken that table across the country.

3. Keep Essential Items Somewhere Where They Can be Easily Found

It is important for a person to have a few changes of clothes and all of the toiletries that they will need while traveling in a place where they will have easy access to them. The one who is packing up their home has to keep essential items in a handy spot.

4. Cover All Mattresses and All Furniture

A mattress can get dirty and damaged if it is not covered before being loaded into a truck. Every mattress should be covered with plastic, and all couches and other upholstered furniture items should also be covered.

5. Know What the Plan is for the First Night in the New Home

If someone knows what is going to happen when they first arrive at their new home, they will not stress about the first night that they will spend in the place. The one who is moving should figure out if they will attempt to get their bed set up in their new home right away or if they will plan on crashing on the floor.

6. Label All Boxes as They are Packed

It is important for boxes to be carefully labeled when someone is packing up a home. If the one who is moving knows which boxes hold kitchen items and which hold clothes, they will be able to make quick work of getting things set up in their new home. Carefully labeled boxes can help out when someone accidentally packs something that they need right away, too, as they will be able to quickly find that item and get it out.

7. Don’t Bring Food and Drinks Along

When someone is moving across town, they unload their refrigerator into a box and take the food from inside it with them. Those who are moving across the country need to be willing to leave their stock of food and drinks behind. Food items will only go bad and put other possessions at risk. Drinks will only get shaken up and possibly explode on all of the boxes that a person has packed. Before a move, a person should make a conscious effort to use up their food that they have stocked up, and they should give away anything they can’t eat.

It is important for a person to figure out what they can do to make their long distance move work out well. The more organized a person is with their packing and planning, the less stress they will have to deal with as they complete their move.

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