5 ways to reduce business admin work


Everyone hates admin work. It takes up unnecessary amounts of time and distracts employees from more meaningful tasks. It can be tedious and lower morale.

Fortunately, the world is becoming more technologically advanced and there are ways to reduce business admin tasks that you may not even have heard of. Make your life as a business owner easier by cutting down on monotonous admin with the following tips.

Invoicing software

As a business owner, you’ll know how time consuming and tedious creating and sending invoices can be. It’s probably something you spend a lot of time doing. It’s important to get an invoice right and send it on time, or else you’ll be the one suffering. So, instead of spending useful hours manually writing up invoices, why not use a business invoice maker? This will create the invoices for you and can automate emails and reminders. It takes out valuable time formatting and arranging, and creates professional and creative invoices in seconds.

Recruitment chatbots

Recruitment can be time-consuming. As an employer, you’ll spend hours listing jobs and answering queries from potential candidates. Most of these people won’t even apply or be qualified for the role. So, some companies have started using recruitment chatbots. Sound strange? These provide a means for people to get in contact and find out more information about the role. While you might be worried about them giving robotic, non-personal answers, the best are well programmed and able to replicate a human voice. Once questions get too complicated, the case gets passed onto a member of staff. This can be a great way to simplify the recruitment process.

Expenses apps

Managing expenses. It’s something all employers find tedious. There’s a lot of admin involved, as you’ll have to gather receipts and ensure that all the right people get paid. Expenses apps can help to make this process simpler. The employees simply track their expenses on the app, meaning that they’re all in one place and you don’t need to worry about loose paperwork. You can also track what they’re spending and where they’re spending it.

Payroll software

Most companies know of and use payroll software, but you’d be surprised how many employers still do payroll the old-fashioned way. Payroll can be incredibly tedious. It will burden your administrators every month and pull them away from other tasks. It’s important to ensure your employees are paid on time, so investing in payroll software is a must.

Business credit card

Business credit cards are another great way to track spending and eliminate admin. By giving them out to employees, they can be used to pay for business essentials such as travel, lunches or supplies. You don’t have to worry about asking them to save receipts and pay them back. This means that you know who has spent what and can track it in real time. Plus, some business credit cards offer great rewards. You might be able to get some air miles or cash rewards. Talk to your bank for more information.

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  1. I think a lot of companies, big and small, create unnecessary admin work because they do not observe systems, or they do not take sufficient effort to maintain records. The worse case are when people are just repeating admin work always done somewhere else, or work that is actually meaningless.

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