Why New Brewery Owners Should Take the Time to Abate Asbestos in Their New Warehouse-District Facilities


Opening up a new brewery is often challenging but can be worse when moving into a warehouse district. That’s because these older businesses may contain dangerous items, like asbestos, that could affect visitors’ health. As a result, the best asbestos abatement is often critical for these breweries as a way of ensuring that they and any of their visitors are safe from asbestos infection.

The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is a type of material that was once heavily used for insulation purposes because it provides a powerful way of holding in heat. However, it has been proven to be harmful to the body when inhaled because the fibers may trigger various types of cancer, including the almost always deadly mesothelioma. As a result, asbestos is no longer used in construction projects.

However, older buildings that have been condemned or haven’t been adequately assessed may still contain asbestos. These buildings are often most common in warehouse districts because these are usually older and less used areas. And brewery owners often find these potentially dangerous buildings attractive because they are so cheap and provide a large space to brew and entertain guests.

As a result, brewery owners who plan on moving into these types of buildings need to find a way to ensure that they don’t have asbestos. If they don’t take precautionary steps, there’s a good chance that they may end up getting contaminated guests or employees. And these individuals will pursue lawsuits based on the injuries that they have received. Thankfully, abatement can provide a myriad of benefits that ensures a new brewery has no asbestos and that the owners of the brewery are safe from any long-term issues.

How Abatement Helps

Abatement is a process that examines a building, or anywhere that may be affected by asbestos. Experts move through the area and explore potentially infectious zones, such as crumbling drywall and other regions of old buildings. Asbestos was most common in these areas, and finding it here can ensure that a new business can avoid getting others sick when attending their grand opening.

That said, abatement is also more than just identifying asbestos dangers – it also focuses on removing asbestos from a building in a safe manner. Experts in this field can cut away and remove asbestos, clean the air with various filters and vacuums, and perform other tests that gauge the asbestos level in an area. Once the level is down to a safe level, a business may open without worrying.

This process is one that should be done before any excessive work is done on the new brewery building. Getting abatement early in this process ensures that problems are spotted ASAP and that the brewery owners don’t end up having to pay a lot of money in lawsuits to their employees or customers. Though it adds an extra cost to the opening process, it ultimately saves much more than cash.

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