12 Marine Industry Careers To Consider


There are many career opportunities available in the marine industry. A marine industry career can offer good pay, fun work and the opportunity for adventure. If this sounds appealing to you, one of these 12 marine industry careers may be a good choice.

1. Electro Technical Officer

Electro technical officers maintain electrical equipment and systems on ships and offshore vessels. If you decide you want to move to an onshore career path, these skills can translate to many jobs with a marine electronics company

2. Marine Engineer

Marine engineers maintain and repair the machinery on ships. This field can be a good choice for people who enjoy working with technology.

3. Shipping Broker

Shipping brokers buy and sell ships and cargo. This career path can be extremely competitive, but also highly rewarding. Brokers act as the go-between ship owners and charterers. 

4. Bosun

Bosuns work on the decks of ships. Their job is to lead the crew department of the ship in carrying out a variety of operations. 

5. Ordinary Seaman

This is an entry-level job that can be used as the first step to higher-level careers, such as bosun. Ordinary seamen work in the deck department of ships.

6. Oil Driller

Oil drillers need to be mentally and physically strong. Work on offshore drilling and oil rigs can be extremely challenging, but also very lucrative.

7. Shipbuilding Engineer

Shipbuilding engineers design and construct ships and marine vessels. As with other engineering fields, shipbuilding engineers need at least four years of training to enter the field. 

8. Roughneck

Roughneck is an entry-level manual labor job. Roughnecks work on oil rigs and offshore platforms. 

9. Motorman

The motorman works in maintenance and monitors the ship’s engine room. This is an entry-level job but can lead to more advanced positions.

10. Marine Environmental Management

This is a perfect career path for people who are interested in improving the environment. Marine environmental managers work to protect ocean systems, including land, water and beaches. 

11. Barge Engineer

Barge engineers frequently work in the oil and gas industry. They are responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of barges.

12. Cargo Engineers

Cargo engineers supervise the loading, discharging and conditioning of cargo transported on ships. There is almost always demand for people to work in this career. 

If you love the ocean, there are many career opportunities in the marine industry. One of these 12 career paths might be perfect for you. 


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