Games to Play During a Boring Zoom Calls


The home office has become the new normal for entire classes of workers around the world – and the situation doesn’t seem to be improving for now. Working from home is a blessing for many, improving their work-life balance and saving them countless minutes, perhaps hours they would’ve otherwise spent commuting. What it couldn’t save them from was meetings – especially those infamous Zoom calls that should’ve been emails. 

Back in the “dark ages” when you were still at the office, you could kill time by doodling during these long, boring, and utterly useless office meetings. When “meeting” means a Zoom call, in turn, keeping yourself distracted – and all you need to do is to is open a new browser window to do them.


Blackjack seems to be a simple game that anyone can learn – and this is true, of course. It is a game with few rules that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. And it’s surprisingly fun even when played without a stake.

JackpotCity online casino has half a dozen blackjack versions for you to choose from, each of them with slightly different rules that offer you a sometimes fundamentally different experience. It is a fast-paced game – a hand can take as little as half a minute to be played through – and this makes it an entertaining activity. 

And if you’re looking for other games to play, JackpotCity is the right place to look: it has everything from roulette to slot machines that will run perfectly well with Zoom running besides it.

The world’s biggest Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a game with a history longer than you’d think. Similar games first appeared on the mainframes used in the 1970s, then transitioned to personal computers in the 1980s. It has become truly widespread after Microsoft included a version of the game in the Windows 3.1 operating system – it was bundled with the OS until the release of Windows 8 (since then, it’s freely available from the Microsoft Store).

Minesweeper is not an easy game, even with a limited number of bombs hidded in the play area. Then how about a game with 1 million cells and 130,000 mines? If it sounds intriguing, and you have time to kill, check out Andrew Stein’s take on the game, written in JavaScript. Just make sure you’re not too distracted.

Match 3

When you have a few minutes to kill, a match-3 game is the perfect choice. Just don’t go with Candy Crush and its likes – these endless puzzles are addictive enough to suck you in for hours on end. Instead, choose a game with the same intriguing gameplay and a time limit, like Famobi’s Diamons Rush.

The game comes with all the match-3 action you may need and a time limit of one minute, making it a fast-paced fun game that’s easy to break free from once the Zoom call that should’ve been an email is over.

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