Activities That You And Your Friends Can Do At Home



The older we get, the more expensive a girls’ or boys’ night out becomes. From the cheap student meals, we get to enjoy in restaurants to the $30 alcohol at clubs or bars, hanging out with friends outside is not cheap and it will only cost more as we become adults. That said, spending quality time with your friends is crucial as it keeps you feeling connected. 

A real money saver is to invite your friends over to your place which can be really fun for the first time maybe. After that, you can’t do a house tour anymore so you and your friends get bored and move on to the next house. Well, we’ve got you covered with a list of things that you and your friends can do at home that are inexpensive yet fun at the same time. Just be sure to include a bottle of suntory whisky singapore to turn the party up a notch! 

Become Foodies

Singapore is never short of multicultural food. There are steamboats, Korean barbeque, pizza, Prata, golden pillow, nasi lemak, etc. The list is endless. With the ease of delivery services like Foodpanda and GrabFood these days, you can have almost any food you’d like delivered right to your doorstep for you and your friends to enjoy and chat over. 

That said, if getting the food delivered is not an option that you can afford, you can always dabao it yourself or maybe even cook up a meal. All you need is a theme like a Christmas celebration or steamboat party to get your friends over to enjoy the meal. If the cost is a little too high for your budget, you can always ask your guests to fork out some money for the party as well. Just make sure that they actually want to attend the party in the first place.

KTV session

There are affordable KTV options out there for you and your friends to enjoy like Teo Heng. However, the idea is to stay home so unless you have a karaoke machine at home, you have to find alternative methods of getting the karaoke experience at home.

Well, you can always hook your laptop up to some microphones that you can purchase cheaply online and search for the karaoke versions of your favorite tunes and you got yourself a karaoke system. Alternatively, you can try looking for karaoke mobile apps out there that are preferably free to download.


If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool table or automatic mahjong table at home, then perhaps getting your friends over is not a problem for you. They might even show up at your door unannounced for a game night. That said, if you’re like many others and don’t own any of these cool tables, there are plenty of other games that you can entertain your friends with. The traditional mahjong table is just as fun if not more fun because you get to shuffle the tiles. There are also Poker decks, board games, and video games as well. 

Movie night 

If you’re the friend that is ahead of all the latest movies or drama series, perhaps it’s time that you organize a movie night at your home. You can’t really chit chat with friends at a cinema so movie night is perfect at home. Whether it’s Korean dramas, blockbusters, or TV series, you can probably find it online.

Costume party

Costume parties can give a pointless event meaning and inject some fun into it. You can pick a theme, get some decorations and food, prepare the best playlist for the party and you’re good to go. This is also a good time to implement the foodies idea as well. 

One great costume party theme is dressing up people from the Medieval Period or the Renaissance. Choose a venue to decorate like an old castle or tavern, and prepare an outfit straight out of the Middle Ages for a historically accurate look. You can choose to be a knight, a noble, a royal, a religious person, or a peasant. A party is never complete without music. If you go to YouTube, you will find lots of bardcore versions of modern-day songs that will make for a fun Medieval party playlist.

Badminton session

If you have never played badminton even if it is just for fun, are you really a Singaporean? If you and your friends need some exercise but are lazy to get a gym membership or find a pool to swim in, badminton is perfect. All you need is a void deck (or badminton court at your HDB), some shuttlecocks and rackets and you have a badminton session.

There are plenty of things you can do if you are a resident at a condominium. Since you or your parents paid for it, it would be a waste to not utilize the facilities available. You and your guests can go for a swim, gym session, or a barbecue party. Why go to a gym outside or book a barbecue pit at Pasir Ris park when you have one right at your house?  

Playdate with kids or pets

If you are always too busy taking care of your kids to go out and meet your friends, perhaps you can organize a play date at your home. Your friends who might also be parents themselves will thank you for organizing the meetup as they not only get to spend time with you and fellow friends, their kids also have a friend to play with which is great for their social development. The same applies to pets, especially dogs if you wish to organize a play date with other pet owners.

Finding a reason to celebrate

You and your friends don’t have to have a gathering only when it’s each others’ birthdays. There are plenty of reasons out there to celebrate, even if it’s ridiculous. For instance, you can throw an instant noodle party on 5th March to celebrate the birthday of the creator of Nissin Foods. International Women’s Day is another excuse for you and your girlfriends to have a gathering. 

Spa day

Have a spa day at your home to take your mind off work or studies and just unwind with the companionship of your closest friends. Get a few packs of your favorite Korean face masks, some nail polishes, a bottle of foot scrubs, and some wine and you have yourself a relaxing spa day with the girls or guys. 


Knowing how to enjoy yourself without burning a hole in your pocket is a necessary skill that they don’t teach in school. Spending time and money on your friends is important for your sanity as we all need some pampering sometimes. That said, those who fail to manage their budget will soon come to regret when they find that they don’t have enough savings. Perhaps the best way to maximize everyone’s satisfaction is to strike a balance between extravagant activities and affordable ones that you can do right at home. 

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