A Helpful Guide to Setting Up Remote Meetings


If you are currently working from home, or thinking about making the transition to becoming a remote business, you will be aware that the work-from-home set-up makes a dramatic difference to all aspects of your work. You can save money on your commute, organize your time more productively to suit your lifestyle, and develop a working practice that isn’t bound by location.

When it comes to working with other people, remote working has distinct advantages. Whether you are recruiting new talent, meeting with colleagues and clients, or managing your team, you now have access to a diverse range of talent and experience from anywhere in the world. To make the most of this situation, it’s really important to consider how you can interact effectively with people when you meet them online.

For people who are more familiar with face-to-face meetings, it can be quite daunting to switch to a remote setting. However, it’s actually quite do-able, as long as you take time to plan your meetings to suit your purposes. Once you make an assessment of the nature of your meetings, the people who will be involved, and what tasks you aim to achieve, you can make arrangements and set your agenda with confidence.

Meeting online can be both efficient and cost-effective. If you are meeting with new team members or potential new recruits, for example, it’s likely that your meeting will be relatively small scale. Of course, if you plan to meet with a large group, or organize a large online forum, you may need to budget for a larger online meeting platform.

BusinessFinancing.co.uk have put together some useful visual guides to help you get ready to run successful remote meetings.

A Small Business Guide to Virtual Meetings, courtesy of BusinessFinancing.co.uk

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