Your Guide to Moving for a New Job During COVID-19


Beginning a new job in a new place can be extremely stressful during normal times, but is made even more nerve-wracking during a pandemic. With COVID-19 bringing such a large amount of brand-new rules and regulations to the globe, it can be hard to keep track of moving and residency services. Between social distancing, mask-wearing and frequent hand-sanitizing, there is no doubt that moving has changed, but luckily, it’s not impossible. Check out the guide below for tips on how to make a new move during a pandemic:

1. The Digital World is Your Best Friend

For many, the digital world and all it encompasses has replaced more traditional settings these days. Video conferences aren’t just limited to work meetings or hangouts with friends. Nowadays, many are turning to “virtual tours” of potential houses and apartments. These tours, hosted by landlords or real estate agents, give a virtual view of a place through both videos and images. In doing so, social distancing orders are followed, ensuring safety for both the agent and the prospective buyer. Studies have shown that these virtual tours have been highly effective, with 63% of participants in a recent survey claiming that the virtual tours were enough to go ahead with a purchase.

2. Yes, Moving Services Are Still Essential

Many businesses have either shut down temporarily or permanently throughout the pandemic, with only ‘essential services’ remaining open. Thankfully, moving services are one of them! As a result, using a moving company is still very much possible, though the process of using one looks a little different. Most moving companies require employees to sport masks and gloves at all times. Additionally, they ask those moving to prepare and pack as much as possible before moving day to limit the contact with movers. Furthermore, most moving trucks are stocked with hand sanitizer, stepping up their sanitization methods throughout the entire process. Asking moving companies about their COVID-19 preventative measures will bring a sense of security before your move. Check out moving review sites to find the moving company suitable for your needs.

3. Now is the Time to Pick Up New Packing Supplies

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was universally recommended to reuse old boxes to pack and store items. Old boxes have the risk of being dirty or filled with germs if in contact with several people. The CDC recommends cleaning around the home using soap, water, and disinfectants, especially when it comes to items that have been touched a lot. To avoid having to do extra cleaning, consider purchasing new boxes and packing supplies such as packing tape, markers or labels. This ensures that they are fresh and clean and don’t need any extra cleaning. Many moving companies sell these essential moving items, as do post offices.

4. Consider Driving Over Flying

While any transportation mode from one place to another poses risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, many opt to drive or fly to their new city for several reasons. Firstly, in an airplane, the actions of other individuals cannot be controlled, including their movement around the plane, the potential of them removing their masks, and their touching of various surfaces. In a car, interaction with others is typically limited. Moreover, most individuals have to take some form of transportation once they leave the airport, whether it is a taxi, bus or shuttle, which means more interaction with the general public. Driving to a new city limits the frequency of contact with others.

5. Don’t Stop Practicing COVID-19 Preventative Measures Once You’ve Arrived

Preventative measures against COVID-19 shouldn’t end once the move is over. After the movers have unloaded furniture and other items into the new home, there should be an additional, thorough cleaning of any areas that have been touched to ensure cleanliness. In addition, you should become familiar with the new city’s rules and regulations against COVID-19, including masks-ordinances, social distancing measures and which businesses are open and available. Each area will have its own distinctive guidelines in place.

Though moving for a new job looks different these days, it is still very much possible if done safely. Ensure less stress by following the tips provided above, and don’t let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way!

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