2021 Guide to the Best Travel Necessities


Are you already dreaming about your 2021 travel adventures? While you might not be able to travel today, you can freely start preparing for your future trips and plan how to best pack your luggage. If you love to be comfortable and safe on your travels, here are some 2021 necessities you must put in your suitcase. Do lookup Amazon travel must haves so your backpack doesn’t miss out on any important item.

Cleanliness essentials

With COVID-19, we all started thinking more about hygiene and health during travel, so make sure to stock up on masks and hand sanitizer. No one knows the future, so you might be still required to wear a face covering when traveling, so make sure to get plenty of masks for your trip. Wet wipes are also essential. They are every traveler’s best friend since you can use them to clean your hands, wipe down any surface or revive yourself on long journeys without a shower. 

Packing cubes

If you love to have a neat suitcase, you must invest in packing cubes. These will keep your luggage light, safe, organized and efficient.  Make sure to measure your suitcase and pick a set of packing cubes that fit your luggage. Opt for those models which are color-coded or numbered so you can always find what you’re looking for in a blink of an eye.

Outlet adapters

Different countries have different outlet shapes, so avoid arriving at your destination and realizing you can’t charge your devices by investing in world travel adapter. This gadget will allow you to use your electrical devices no matter where you land. Pro tip: check the package and make sure to get the adapter that fits every socket in the world.

Handy power source

If you prefer wilderness trips away from civilization, you’ll be really happy to have a good power source that will keep your phone charged. You don’t want to get stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere without a way to contact authorities. If you don’t have an outlet at hand, you can use your mini power bank to revive your electronics. This gadget will always keep your devices charged, so you can call your mom, look up directions or post a few travel photos to refresh your Instagram page.


Traveling is all about making memories, so don’t forget to preserve them forever with a good camera. If you get stuck at home again in the future, you’ll be grateful you took a lot of photos on your adventures so you can go through them and relive those happy days. Make sure to get a cheap memory stick, so you can save photos, free up space on your memory card and send snaps home for safekeeping.


If you’re cranky when you don’t get a good night’s sleep, invest in earplugs. These little guys will block out all sorts of noise from the snoring of other passengers to loud traffic sounds and crying babies on your flight. Ergonomic earplugs will feel light and comfortable and will ensure you rest properly no matter if you’re in a cheap hostel or a 5-star hotel.

Fast-dry towel

Don’t forget that you need two towels—one for the beach and one for showers. If you want to travel light, invest in towels which are lightweight and dry fast. This means you can fit them into the smallest and darkest hole in your backpack and still pull it out dry and ready to use.

Travel umbrella

If you’re traveling to East Asia or Europe, expect to have a few rainy days on your trip. However, don’t let the rain ruin your adventure or cause you to catch a cold. A sturdy travel umbrella will provide wind and rain protection and still fit into every bag. If you pick a reliable manufacturer, you can even get a lifetime warranty, so don’t hesitate to splurge a little more on something high-quality.

A padlock

A padlock with a combination will come in very handy. If you pick a good combination, you can always access your things without having to fumble for keys. You can use this to secure your luggage, bike and scooter or even improve the safety of your hotel safe. To make the right padlock choice, do some research and pick a model that can’t be picked.

Once we’re free to hit the road and continue our travel adventures, these tips will make any trip safer and more comfortable. So, keep them in mind for 2021 and prepare for the future full of amazing journeys.

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