Grocery store stress? These tips will make the trip less painful


For some grocery shopping gives them time away from the family home and work – it allows them to decompress, find what they need and tick another task off their to-do list. However, not everyone shares the same sentiment.

Grocery shopping can be incredibly stressful, for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t have the luxury of going alone and you have to bring your kids with you, maybe you don’t like enclosed spaces, they don’t have what you need or maybe it’s a combination of all those things! 

For some shoppers, from the moment they pull up in the parking lot, their anxiety starts to take over. You’re worried about how busy and cramped it’s going to be and how long the lines are. Perhaps you don’t feel safe in such an enclosed space and you’re worried you might get hurt, by slipping or tripping over something – get in touch with a Nassau County personal injury lawyer if you’ve had an accident that could have been avoided.  

Whatever the cause of your grocery store stress, there are ways you can get the weekly shop done, without letting your emotions get the better of you. Read on for some helpful tips that will make the trip less painful.

Don’t shop without a list

If you don’t know what you’re getting, then you’re going to spend more time than needed in the store. You’re also going to get stressed because your mind will inevitably go blank at the thought of any meals your family will eat and any other household essentials you need. 

Make a meal plan for the week, including snacks and little bites for lunches. Don’t forget any cleaning products or additional items. And separate these into columns on your shopping list. Don’t forget to take a pen with you so you can scratch them off as you go. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by choice

Hundreds of different varieties of butter and you just want one. Choice is a great thing, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Especially when there are people around you trying to get to the products and making you feel pressured. Just pick a brand you recognize or go by the cheapest if you’re on a budget. Try not to think about it too much! 

Shop from home!

These days you can have pretty much anything brought to you with just a couple of clicks. This includes your weekly shop. Consider switching to a store that offers online shopping and collection or delivery options. Not only does it make things easier, but you can take your time and stick to your budget and shopping list much better.

Finally, change WHEN you shop

If possible, try to avoid shopping during the busier times of the week or the day. Maybe shopping late at night when it’s quiet is a much better option for you. Or early in the morning before your partner goes to work so there’s someone to help the kids get ready for school. Consider changing your schedule to make your shopping experience much more enjoyable. 

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