3 Methods to Quickly Generate Short-Term Cash


The end of the month has not approached and you’re at the end of your cash! What is it they say about having too much month at the end of the money?

If you find yourself in this situation you do have options. You can generate short-term cash without breaking the bank. Remember, you have choices so try not to panic.

You need money in a hurry. Do not worry, but consider your options. Read on to for some short-term cash options.

1. Short-Term Cash 

If you have any short term cash investments, now may be the time to cash them out. A short term investment is a temporary investment that should yield a return in five years or less. 

Short term investments could be CDs, treasury securities, money market accounts, and more. If you have to cash out your short-term investment you may be required to pay a penalty so keep this in mind while making your decision. 

2. Get It Fast

One option for a short term cash loan is to get a car title loan. This will give you money fast. They may base the loan on your car value so knowing this ahead of time helps. Applying for a car title loan is one of the fastest ways to generate short term cash. 

Cash advance loans are an option some people choose but be mindful that the interest is pretty steep for this. If you choose this method it takes only minutes as long as you have all your information ready like social security number, income, and bank account. 

3. None of the Above

What if you have none of the above as options? Never fear. it may be time to get creative. Right now selling online is more popular than ever. It is easy to set up an online store or use an existing platform like eBay to sell things right out of your closet. 

If you feel you have nothing worth selling, think again. All of us have clothes we don’t wear anymore and hope to fit into again. What about those electronics you don’t use? Got an old cell phone you keep on hand for a rainy day?

You have more items in your home than you realize that you never use. Take a look around and do a quick inventory. What you find may surprise you.  This is something that is easy to do once you gather your items to sell. 

Get to Work

If you need short-term cash and you need it fast, there are several ways to get it. You have to think about what you need and what you may be willing to do to get it. The key is not to panic and think through. 

If you need short-term cash, you have ways to get it. You have to get busy and go to work. Follow us for more tips like these!

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