8 Unconventional Ideas for Your Next Workplace Event


Office parties have a bad reputation for being boring, somber events where everyone feels a little awkward. To be fair, many of them are tedious, especially when employees just want to go home after a long day at the office. 

That said, you can and should think outside the box. You might just come up with the best workplace party idea ever. Here are a few unconventional events to inspire you.

1. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Small, tight-knit groups of employees would likely enjoy a murder mystery dinner. This fun, interactive event helps old friends create new memories and allows everyone the chance to relax and unwind for an evening. Prior to the party, purchase a murder mystery kit that corresponds with the number of guests. Then send invites, get into character by dressing up and enjoy a night of thrills, chills and mystery.

2. Plan a Casino Night 

For larger groups, you might plan a classic casino night. Instead of hitting up the nearest gambling den, recreate your own at the office. Eat hor d’ oeuvres, sip cocktails and place some bets. You could even feature a charity poker tournament and turn the night into a fundraising event. Employees are far less likely to feel guilty about losing money when it’s going to a good cause. 

3. Have a Onesie Movie Night 

A slumber party may not be a great idea for an office event, but a movie night certainly is. Have everyone wear their coziest onesie or PJ set and show the film outside on a big projection screen. Employees can bring their families and enjoy popcorn, candy, soda and other theater-worthy snacks. 

4. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage a spirit of competition amongst employees and organize a scavenger hunt. Split the office into two or three teams and write clues that will send them all over town. Let them compete to find the most items or race their opponents to locate the final treasure. Make sure the prize is something worth fighting for — like an extra vacation day or long lunch break. 

5. Throw Some Axes 

Is your team the adventurous type? Experience a taste of Viking life and go axe throwing. The game recently became an official sport and has spread across the U.S. in recent years. Now you can eat, drink and duel your friends in axe throwing competitions. Mix things up and play duals, around the world, humans vs. zombies or calling targets. Practice your throwing technique and have a good laugh when everyone’s aim is completely off. 

6. Flash Mob 

Flash mobs, or random group dances, were insanely popular a few years ago. However, you and the team can still choreograph and learn one together. First, pick a fun tune that will get people on their feet. Then, plan a workplace event to simply learn the choreography. Provide snacks and drinks and let loose a little. Once everyone knows the dance, pick a high-traffic public space and set a date for the flash mob so everyone looks forward to it.

7. Rent an Inflatable Obstacle Course

 Another brilliant team building idea is to rent an inflatable obstacle course. Regardless of what your employees may say, most everyone enjoys bouncing around like a giddy little kid once in a while. Create teams and compete against one another in races, who can jump the highest or by learning the coolest circus skills. Bonus points if you invite your customers, too. 

8. Book a Tasting Tour

Wineries rely on tasting rooms for 34% of their revenue and many of your employees likely rely on wine to unwind at the end of a long work week. Enjoy a few of those fruity, relaxing sips together on a weekend wine tasting tour. Book an in-person tour a few weeks in advance if you have a large group. Alternatively, you may choose to connect with a winery virtually for a one-of-a-kind tasting experience — no designated drivers required.

Unconventional, Yet Effective

The ideas above may be unconventional, but they have proven to be incredibly effective in uniting workers and promoting collaboration and teamwork. Moreover, they allow employees to relax, unwind and get to know each other better which will inevitably create a stronger, team and a more positive office environment. 

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