Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand


Most people who have never been to New Zealand probably associate this magnificent country with amazing and breath-taking scenery and they are right. However, New Zealand has so much more to offer and you might want to consider visiting some of its biggest and multicultural cities on your next holiday. The thing with cities is that they have a certain vibe about them and energy that can be infectious. So, if you’re looking for art, street wall murals, live music, comedy, food markets, coffee, restaurants and bars, look no further.  New Zealand cities offer all that and much more. Here is a list with some ideas that can help you plan your visit.


Most people associate this name with the world-famous university in the UK, but Cambridge in New Zealand also has something it can pride on. Namely, this is a small town with a big reputation for producing champion horses in racing and show-jumping, so much so that it has earned the reputation as the equine capital of New Zealand. With a curious and charming village feel, this quaint town is a gateway to multiple tourism must-dos, which makes it a great destination. The Hobbiton movie set is only 30 minutes away and you can visit the noteworthy location used for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. With daily tours through the “shire”, you can immerse yourself in the smells, sights, and sounds of this incredible movie-set. Also, Waitomo might be of interest to you. It is known for its extensive underground cave system which is home to thousands of glow-worms. This is one of New Zealand’s best environmental attractions and a magical boat-ride through the grotto to view this natural light display will leave you awestruck.


The largest city in New Zealand is a good starting point for exploring and getting to know this beautify country. Also, chances are you’ll have to fly into Auckland, since this is where international flights land, it is where most of the international businesses host their head-offices and as such is a major contributor to the economic wealth of New Zealand. So, once you land and get your vehicle from a reliable car rental at Auckland airport, you should be ready to start exploring. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants, artisan coffee shops, galleries and designer boutiques. You can also go sailing out of Waitemata harbour on a chartered fishing boat or hop aboard a dolphin and whale watching cruise. The city connects two coasts, the calm Pacific Ocean with its white sandy beaches on the east coast and the wild Tasman Sea with black sand and untamed wilderness to the west. With many islands scattered along its coastline, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Our recommendation is Waiheke, the island of wine, which boasts 30-odd vineyards nested in the rolling hills.


The second largest city in New Zealand is also known as the culinary capital, so if food is something you love, you’ve come to the right place. The city features a plethora of unusual cafes, distinctive bars, stunning coffee, and award-winning restaurants. On the other hand, there is Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, which came about as a result of the national museum and national art gallery merging. This is an incredible space, with world-leading displays and exhibitions. Check out the current exhibition to get to know the history of New Zealand in a fun and interactive way.


Also known as the garden city with an English heritage, Christchurch is located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The city was destroyed by two earthquakes, one in 2010, the next came in 2011, but it has grown back into a thriving, creative city, with friendly people, delicious gourmet food trucks, bars and the ever-present coffee outlets. The city centre offers a trail of street art, an opportunity to take a flat-bottomed punt to glide down the Avon River, cycling paths and the green expanse of Hagley Park and Christchurch Botanic Gardens with the Arts Centre on the outer border. The Art centre is a Christchurch landmark, home to galleries, museums, cinemas, boutiques and artisan eateries and well worth a visit any time of the year.

These are just some ideas that should help you plan your visit to New Zealand, but the list is by no means comprehensive. Whatever your trip intentions are, you will be able to find something to your liking, regardless of whether you travel solo or with a group of friends. You’ll definitely be able to find activities to suit all tastes. The cities in New Zealand offer the visitor a wide range of urban-life fundamentals, such as restaurants, boutiques, galleries, bakeries and bars. However, what they also provide is a great gateway to much more. All those natural wonders and delights, which can be explored by foot, bike, train, boat or car are awaiting you not far from the cities. So, create an itinerary that suits your taste and start packing. New Zealand is waiting for you.

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