Moving Soon? Here’s a Few Tips & Tricks


Moving can be a physically and mentally draining ordeal. From sorting and packing boxes to disconnecting your current services, the whole process can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. To help make your move a plain sailing endeavor, here are seven moving tips and tricks:

List the Services You’ll Need to Discontinue

Every household has at least one or two services that they pay for each month. This could be utilities, waste disposal, internet, security systems, etc. Many of these vendors will need to be contacted in order to officially discontinue the service. You should plan ahead and list not only the services you are currently using but also when they are due for renewal, so you can cancel before the service renews and your credit card/bank account gets charged.

Designate a Donation Box

Moving is a great time to donate used or unneeded items, such as clothing, school supplies, unspoiled canned foods, etc. To make it easier to track the items that you’re planning to donate, allocate a corner and some containers for it. That way, once you’re done sorting through your possessions, you can simply contact a charity organization, like the Salvation Army, to pick up your donation pile.

Don’t Forget About Your Safety Deposit

If you’re renting, don’t forget to collect your safety deposit. Take multiple high-definition photos of your apartment before moving out. If you have time, make sure to give your place a thorough cleaning, including steam cleaning the carpets, wiping off gunk from your bathroom tiles or kitchen sink, and applying putty on chipped parts of your wood flooring. Take the photos after you’ve cleaned your apartment, so you have evidence in case you get in a dispute with your landlord about your security deposit.

Figure Out Your Car Situation

It’s not uncommon for people moving to neighboring states or even cross-country to drive rather than fly. It makes for a good road trip and saves you the hassle of figuring out how to transport the car. If, however, you prefer to fly or are moving overseas, you should start vetting auto shipping companies in your area and calling them for quotes. You can also look at their website, if they have one, for pricing. You may find a cost calculator on their website that can tell you how much you should expect to pay based on your vehicle, distance, and other factors.

Cut Costs, Not Corners

Cutting corners to save time and money when moving can create more hassles and expenses. That being said, there are ways to cut costs without it backfiring on you. For instance, instead of buying moving boxes at full price from shipping and supply companies, you can visit your local retailers and businesses for their used boxes. You’ll find that these boxes will still be in pristine condition. Another cost-effective moving hack is to use old magazines and newspapers to wrap fragile items rather than buying packing peanuts or bubble wrap. If wrapping glass with a magazine or newspaper, wrap the item in plastic beforehand so the ink from the paper doesn’t stick onto the glass.

Decide If You Need Professional Moving Help

Professional movers can cost money, which is why you should weigh the pros and cons first before contacting prospects. If you’re moving a small lot of items or do not have any bulky items to transport, such as mattresses, sofas, or metal desks, you may be able to get away with a DIY move. However, if you have a full truck’s worth of items to move, a professional mover may be worth considering. Hiring someone will free you from the burden of buying your own moving equipment and supplies, such as handcarts and packing tape, and renting a large enough vehicle to transport your belongings.

Pack a New Move-In Bag

When you get to your new place, you may not want to dig through your moving boxes to get a change of clothes or kitchen utensils. Pack a bag or carry-on of new move-in essentials, including comfortable indoor clothes, personal hygiene products, and device chargers.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful nor does it have to be expensive. By planning meticulously and weeks in advance, you have more choices as to how you can execute the move.

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