Glasses or contact lenses? Here’s why glasses win every time


If you don’t have perfect vision and you wear glasses, you may be wondering if you should make the switch to contact lenses. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. Perhaps you’re a fitness fanatic and you don’t like the way glasses feel on your face during a workout. Maybe you’re a teen and you’re conscious of how glasses look on your face? Or perhaps you’re a busy mom who loves being able to put on their glasses and start their day in an instant.

If you’re struggling to decide, then don’t worry. When it comes to glasses or contact lenses, read on for why glasses win every time! If you still prefer contact lenses as many do – then if a great choice!

More choice than ever before

If you’re a fashion-conscious person, or you’re anxious about the aesthetic side of wearing glasses, then you shouldn’t worry. These days the choice of eyewear designs, colours and styles are incredible. Online retailers alone have thousands of frames to choose from, so you’ll likely find something to suit your individual style and something that complements your face and skin tone, effortlessly. Click the link to see a selection of rectangle glasses.

Believe it or not, you can make a great fashion statement with your choice of eyewear, making you instantly more memorable, trustworthy and approachable!

They’re better for your wallet

With Prescription Glasses, you’ll be financially better off. Shopping online for your frames will usually be cheaper than purchasing the same frames from a physical store. Also, when you decide to invest in contact lenses, you’ll have to pay for eye exams, additional contact lens checks, the lenses themselves, all your cleaning solutions and a pair of glasses for when you’re not wearing them!

There may also be additional costs if you lose or damage your contacts and need to have them replaced. It’s clear that glasses are much better for your wallet.

They’re healthier

There are many health benefits to wearing glasses rather than contact lenses. Wearing lenses means touching your face and your eyes more, which can leave you more susceptible to eye infections and dangerous bacteria. If you suffer from dry or sensitive eyes, then contact lenses can often aggravate the issue. If you constantly wear contact lenses, then you could be increasing your chances of developing macular degeneration, a condition that is caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the cornea.

Environmental protection

Wind, dust, debris, your hair or even little insects! When you wear glasses, you get extra protection from environmental irritants. You’ll be glad of your glasses acting as a shield on a windy day!

And finally, glasses are much easier

Wearing contact lenses means dedicating a lot of your morning routine to cleaning, storing and correctly fitting your lenses. If you’re travelling you have to remember to bring along all your lens paraphernalia with you, as well as the added inconvenience of potentially losing a lens or having one becoming dry and uncomfortable in your eye. With glasses, you simply put them on and go!

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