RV Fast Facts, Statistics, and Emerging Trends RV Fast Facts, Statistics, and Emerging Trends


Whether it’s for work or leisure, traveling will remain an integral part of any person’s life. Visiting new places and creating precious memories is a joy unlike any other, but due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling as we know it is changing.

Since a vaccine is still unavailable, governments have restricted the operations of airlines and many other establishments, dealing a massive blow to the tourism and hospitality industry.

As of today, social distancing and adopting good hygiene remains as everybody’s main line of defense. Even though staying in isolation can keep you safe from the virus, there’s no denying that being under lockdown can be an emotionally challenging experience.

You’ve probably spent the past few months staying at home and repeating the same things over and over again, so it’s natural that you’re craving to have your next big adventure. Even after the pandemic has passed, you can expect the world to shift towards a new normal. Airports will establish new protocols, tourist sites will follow new regulations, and public transportation will be limited.

Taking these factors into consideration, things may not seem too bright for frequent vacation goers. However, the 1 million Americans living in recreational vehicles (RVs) think that they’re in a much better situation.

Since you won’t be able to travel overseas for a while, this means that cruising through the countryside is the ideal way to go on a vacation. If you want to attain maximum comfort and mobility during your road trips, then you should consider getting an RV.

Traveling in one will allow your family to travel safely, conveniently, and responsibly. Instead of being exposed to crowds in airports or lodging in an unsanitized hotel, an RV camping experience will keep you safe from the health risks posed by a traditional vacation. At the same time, you can save more money by staying away from expensive hotel rates and plane tickets.

To convince you further, the guide below will discuss RV fast facts you should know.

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