8 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Quarantine has got us all feeling a little on edge lately. With so many of us working from home, we’ve had to completely shift our routine to adapt to this new normal. While working from home may seem like the most ideal situation, being cooped up can start to have an effect on your mental health. 

For us to stay productive and motivated to do our work, we have to focus on keeping ourselves healthy. This is where exercise comes into play. Exercise provides so many health benefits from reducing anxiety and stress, improving our mood to combating depression, which we could all use during this time. 

Exercise is one of the best ways to feed our brains during the workday and keep ourselves focused. This doesn’t mean you have to engage in an intense workout and lift heavy weights. Even simple activities like yoga or Zumba can have amazing benefits. You can begin your workday with a workout to get those creative juices flowing or even take frequent breaks to go on a brisk walk. Incorporating any movement into your day will have a tremendous impact on your day to day workflow. 

To help you understand the science behind the benefits of exercise, Naked Nutrition created this helpful visual that highlights 8 ways exercise supports mental health

Let’s get up and get moving!


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