What is Digital Signage?


We live in a digital age. The cloud is full of all kinds of software, tools, information and communication. Not only that, even traditional sales and marketing tactics have moved into a digital format. Where in the past you may have seen an ad in a magazine, printed flier or pasted on a billboard, you now see the same information on a tv screen or monitor. This digital signage has become a huge trend in the business industry and is only expected to grow. Read more to find out how companies like https://www.navori.com/digital-signage-software/ use digital signage to increase a company’s exposure to new clients.

What Exactly is Digital Signage?

Essentially, digital signage is a subcategory of electronic signage. This type of signage constitutes display tech like projection, LED and LCD. You can further break digital signage down into three parts:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Content


The hardware of digital signage is the physical parts and components that make up the display. This would be things like the actual screen, the mount the screen is on, any payment devices that are connected, cameras and much more. The hardware is constantly being innovated by big tech companies, which allows for sleeker, better quality displays. Already there are many options when it comes to hardware. You may see items like capacitive touch tech, infrared tech, beacon tech, RFID, NFC and more.


The software is the program (or programs) that allow for the creation and distribution of signage content on the hardware. There’s so much software out there that you’ll have to do some specific research to find one that works best for your situation. The ideal software solution is probably one that enables simple creation of digital signage that allows the people who see it to interact with it. If it has lots of options for customization when it comes to layout, storyboard and design, you can rest easy you’ve found a viable solution.


Lastly, the hardware and software is all well and good, but if you don’t have great content then you may not get very far with your marketing initiatives. Using combined media to tell a story through video, audio, animations, text and images is how you resonate emotionally with a prospective customer and sell your products and services. First, you need to really understand your target market and the demographics of the people in the locations where you’re putting up your signage. Once you know that, you can better tailor content that will pique their interests.


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