4 Types of Training That Can Benefit You in a Variety of Careers


Almost every job requires at least a little bit of training. Often, a new hire must take a few days, weeks, or months to learn what they need to know before they can really get started in earnest. This means that, as a person looking for employment, you can’t get a jumpstart on these specific types of training. There are plenty of skills, however, that are equally useful in a number of fields. These four types of training provide an excellent opportunity to fatten your resume and set yourself apart from the job-seeking competition.

General Computer Training

Almost any job in the modern world requires at least some interaction with a computer. If you’re completely lacking in computer literacy, you might want to consider taking a course to correct that. There are plenty of classes available online and in the “real world” that will help you navigate popular programs and systems. It’s not necessary that you become a total whiz, but having your computer basics down pat will make you a much more reliable hire.

Typing Course

Staying in the realm of computers, improving your typing speed and accuracy is a great way to boost your job options. All sorts of careers require lots of typing, and your ability to carry out tasks efficiently will make you a much more valuable employee. Typing classes are easy to come by, and they’ll force you to adopt forms and habits that will serve you for the rest of your professional life.

Hazmat Shipping Training

A hazmat shipping training course is the type of specialized training that truly sets you apart and gets the attention of potential employers. Countless industries need to ship hazardous materials, and many struggle to fill vital positions with trained new hires.

Writing Course

Writing is an essential skill for all sorts of workers, not just authors and journalists. Anyone who needs to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, and the public needs to write properly and powerfully. A writing course can sharpen your writing tools, allowing you to explain, inquire, and persuade with greater power and clarity.

The job market is tough and only getting tougher, making it all the more necessary to keep adding to your skill set. As you send out your resume, there’s no reason not to add to it. These four types of courses are great because they’re general. Give them a go, and you’ll open doors to all sorts of unexpected places.

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