3 Ways to Update Your Kids Room Décor


As children grow and attend school, their preferences change drastically. What they loved a year earlier cannot be the same at this moment. Therefore, you have to keep up with their growth as a parent. One of the things that change is how they would like their bedroom designed. If you hear them complaining that they no longer find it good-looking, then it is time to do a makeover.

Here are some ways you can update your kid’s bedroom and make it a better place to stay.

Create a proper storage plan

One of the most filled rooms of every home is the kid’s room. There is so much you can buy for your kid, including clothing, toys, shoes, and many more items. All these end up scattered in the kid’s room, making the room look small and disorganized.

When doing a home makeover, creating enough storage space should be on your mind. There have to be enough open shelves, under-bed storages, closet organizers, and multifunctional furniture that help to preserve enough space for your kids.

That will not only make the room look organized but will also make it look spacious. Your kids will love staying in a spacious room that gives them more storage space for their items. As kids are always desperate for enough storage space, this is a move they will welcome.

Make a statement wall

Another thing to do for your kid’s bedroom is to add fun to it. Other than having the right sleeping place and proper storage, the kids need to find the room pleasing to spend time, whether studying or playing. Therefore., it will be necessary that you add some entertaining features for their place.

The best way to upgrade the bedroom to meet this need is by making a statement on the walls. You can do this using a metal print photo service in Canada. You can print anything from a world map, a favorite pet, wild animals, and many more exciting things.

Whichever way you decide to print it, the main idea here should be giving your kids an interactive space in their bedroom. There is no better way to make it enjoyable, like having entertaining drawings on the walls. Therefore, you can utilize this opportunity to create a statement wall that your kids will adore.

Make it more collaborative

One of the best things you can do is allow your kids to suggest how they want their room to look like at the end of the makeover. You may have your ideas, and the interior designer may have theirs, but the kids must have their voices heard. That will make them feel like the room is theirs.

Therefore, you should give your kids the chance to suggest colors that they like and would like to see on the wall. Also, choose big items like beds and chairs where the kids will grow until another makeover, usually after 10 years. That will ensure you do not have to spend on the bigger items regularly.

Next, you should give them chances to choose the smaller items that you can replace over time. Things like lamps, pillows, wall art, and many more are for the kids to choose. That will give them a sense of pride, and they are likely to stay with them for long without requesting another makeover.

When should you do a bedroom makeover?

As mentioned earlier, the best time to do a home makeover is 10 years after the last one. That is sufficient time that your kids will have grown, and their preferences changed. It allows you to do a meaningful makeover that will last another 10 years before your kids require something else.

Therefore, it is advisable to think about the next 10 years when doing a makeover. That is regarding the size of items and designs that your kids will love. That will make them comfortable until the time comes for another makeover. As mentioned earlier, incorporating their ideas is the best way to know what to include in their bedroom.

The tips in this article will help you plan the best makeover you have done in years. That will help save your money and time while making your kids happy.

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