Taking Care of Your Medical Bills After an Accident That Keeps You From Working


When you’ve been injured and can no longer work, income is naturally one of your greatest concerns. The increased anxiety and stress over medical bills and financial security can even negatively impact your recovery. Exploring your options for compensation is the first priority. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, then you should explore whether the negligent driver’s insurance company is going to adequately reimburse you.

Accidents leave lasting physical, psychological, and financial trauma that can take months or years to recover from. Protecting your health and future starts by exploring how you can cover the cost of medical bills and acquire any recompense you deserve.

Understand How Insurance Works

If you are being reimbursed by a driver’s insurance company, understand that the money will be given to you directly. It is your responsibility to use the compensation properly and pay off your own medical bills. It’s important to speak with a lawyer about your situation because doctors may still demand payment even though you are waiting for compensation. This means you are at risk of being sent to collections even if you are in the process of awaiting money from an insurance company. Car accident claims can take months to process. A compensation lawyer can help defer payments and even lower the total owed amount.

Consider Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve been injured or victimized and can no longer work, a lawyer can help you receive payment without incurring hefty legal expenses. They will provide a “no win, no fee” promise to all of their clients that alleviates some of the stress from the workers’ comp application process. The good news is that most cases for workers’ compensation can be resolved without having to go to court. A professional lawyer can help preserve your relationship with you and your employer as well, reducing further anxiety you may experience about returning to work once you recover.

Ask About Financing

While you are in the midst of working out how you’ll approach compensation or other reimbursements, speak openly to your physician’s office about the nature of your injuries. Ask if they offer any financing plans you can use to disburse payments over a period of time. Paying small amounts monthly can be helpful in avoiding deadlines, fees, or being turned over to a collections agency.

Getting legal consultation immediately following a car accident is your safest bet to ensure proper compensation and medical bill coverage. The only thing that should be on your mind is rest and recovery, a professional legal team can handle the rest and get you better results than you would likely achieve on your own.

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