4 Tips for Finding a Job in This Time of Unemployment


The current economic situation has made finding a job particularly difficult for many people. If youre a job seeker, there are things that you can do that may increase your chances of getting hired sooner. By following these four tips, youll likely have an easier time finding the right job in this time of unemployment.

Edit Your Social Media Accounts

Some hiring managers are known to check the social media accounts of job applicants to review their content as a way to gauge their personalities and see if they will be a good fit for the company. All crude, vulgar or otherwise offensive material should be deleted from your accounts immediately. Its also best to remove content thats political in nature and may be polarizing. Pictures that show you partying or engaging in other rowdy behavior should also be removed, as they could make some hiring managers think that youre reckless in your actions and not a good employee. Keeping a private social media account for friends and family can also help you separate your work and social life.

Work for Yourself

If you have the knowledge and a marketable idea, you may have success by going into business for yourself. Many people have earned stable incomes while doing something that they love by starting their own small businesses. Some of the best small business ideas include making and selling your own clothes, jewelry design and landscaping. Another option is to partner with a trucking company that offers owner operator truck driving opportunities. If you have good reading, writing and grammar skills, you can try working as a freelance writer or editor.

Consider Temporary Employment

Even though youre likely looking for a permanent job, agreeing to take a temporary position can help open the door to a possible long-term job. Some temporary positions are considered to be on a temp-to-hire basis, which means that you could get hired permanently if you do a good job on the assignment. Taking a temporary position will also give you more work experience that you can list on a resume, which may look more attractive to hiring managers who are looking for permanent employees. Temp jobs can often be found through employment agencies or online, but its important to research any person or company that offers you a temporary position to know if its legit.

Get More Education

Furthering your education doesnt have to mean attending a university for a few years to earn a degree. While this option is possible, you can learn new skills in a much shorter time by taking certification courses that teach a variety of valuable job skills. You can become a certified medical assistant in just a few months at an accredited school and get hired at a hospital or clinic to help doctors care for their patients. Its also possible to earn a certificate and license quickly as a real estate agent or broker and start working in the highly lucrative real estate industry. If you have a passion for fitness, there are many certification programs that you can give you the credentials that are needed to work as a personal trainer.

As daunting of a task as it might be, getting hired in a slow economy isnt impossible. By sharpening your skills and exploring a variety of options, youll have a better chance of landing the perfect job.

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