What Does a CPA Do? This Is What You Need to Know


Are you asking yourself, what does a CPA do? Maybe you want to become one yourself and you are wondering what kind of qualifications you need.

It’s a fact that CPA’s do go through extensive training to get themselves ready for the world of accounting.

Take a closer look at what these professionals do every day so that you can decide whether you need to hire one or even if you would like to become one yourself.

What Is a CPA?

A CPA is the person who takes care of the financial planning for a business. They prepare financial documents as well. These financial documents may range from business tax engagement letters to a business’s profit and loss statements.

All CPAs are classified as accountants but not all accountants are CPAs. CPAs are accountants that have passed a certifying exam.

Your CPA can handle your payroll for you if you own a business. Payroll is one of those things that have a lot of different aspects to it.

It involves withdrawing taxes, insurance, and even retirement deductions to name a few. A CPAs job is to make sure that all these things are taken care of and that employees get paid on time.

One of the major roles of a CPA is to do bookkeeping. If you need an invoice sent out or your suppliers paid you can count on your CPA to do that for you. It is also the job of a CPA to do debt collection.

How Do You Qualify to Become a CPA?

As mentioned before not all accountants are CPAs. This is because CPAs must go through specialized training in order to qualify. This training is usually done at the college level.

Most CPAs have a degree in business and some experience in the field of accounting. This can usually help them in their quest to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Traditionally, the courses to become a Certified Public Accountant were all done in a brick and mortar institution. However, lately, there has been a great thrust toward online training.

This is because it is easily accessible and can be completed in the privacy and comfort of one’s home and usually at whatever pace you may desire.

There are even CPA networks that accountants can join in order to link with others in the profession. These organizations provide guidance for new CPAs so that they can market their skills and gain clients quickly.

Ready to Crunch the Numbers

What does a CPA do? You now have a definitive answer to that question. When it comes to making sure that money matters are in order and that financial accountability is present a CPA is your best friend.

If you are looking for expertise in accounting you can do no better than a qualified and competent CPA. Once you own a business you should consider hiring one to deal with your finances. 

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