3 Apps That Helping Organizations During COVID-19


COVID-19 has shaken the world at its fullest. All the businesses had to stop their operations or go full remote. The hospitals got over-flooded with COVID-19 patients. The whole world got locked, and everyone is helpless. Already many businesses have started to shut down. In the USA, 20.5 million people lost their job. If this continues, the whole economy could collapse. Thanks to technology, they have spread their hands to save businesses and hospitals in this crucial moment. In this article, we will discuss three useful apps that are helping organizations during COVID-19. 

Employee Monitoring Software 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have to start their operations from home. But most of the organizations fare not used to this new kind of work culture. The first challenge they face is managing their workforce. However, the home office is also full of distractions, which is hard to avoid. In most cases, employees lose their productivity and focus due to personal tasks and fail to cope up with the remote work culture. It hampers the performance of the businesses. 

Employee monitoring software eases remote workforce management. It tracks employee productive time and web usage. It can also check employee engagement at work, take their regular attendance so that employees feel as if they are still part of the organization.

The productive time tracker helps employees to stay on track and assists employers to see who is being productive. The best employee monitoring software can help differentiate between personal time and official time. It comes with a pause button, which means an employee can pause the timer when there is a personal call involved or needs to check personal email or social media. During the pause, the software does not track anything since it does not have any impact on the work.

With this tool, employees can stay on track, can push themselves towards productivity, and the employers can see the whole business performance from a single dashboard from the employee monitoring software. In this way, the software helps businesses to run their operations smoothly in this world emergency.

Employee Engagement App 

Employees need motivation. Because motivation leads to productivity. During this crucial situation, where everyone is scared and frightened, your employees can lose their motivation. As a business owner, you must motivate your employees so that they stay on track and keep going smoothly with your business. 

Thanks to the employee engagement app. Using this application, employers can motivate their employees from a single dashboard. The app provides a common platform for all the employees where they can share their thoughts with their peers and stay connected beyond the corporate boundaries. 

Staying healthy is more important than during this pandemic. Employers can share health advice, articles, journals, news using this application. They can encourage employees to stay healthy, motivate them to achieve individual health goals, and reward them with badges and kudos for meeting health goals. All these can be done from one single platform. 

Employee engagement app making it possible for the employers to stay with employees in this crucial moment. It is allowing employers to ensure a healthy lifestyle and productivity of the workers and making the connection between employees and organizations more impactful.

HIPAA Compliance Management Application 

Hospitals are playing a vital role in this pandemic as they are flooded with patients. When there are so many patients, the pressure is unexpectedly high. The constant demand for healthcare is making HIPAA compliance more challenging than ever. Even with the updates of HIPAA rules and regulations, complying has become too hard for the hospitals. 

On the contrary, violating HIPAA could result in astonishing fines for hospitals. Thanks to the HIPAA compliance management application. This robust application brings all the HIPAA procedures in a single platform. It is an all in one app that eases HIPAA compliance management. Using this app, hospitals can update HIPAA compliance rules for COVID-19, and staff can get training information. Risk audit and all other HIPAA compliance procedures and materials can be found from this single application. It helps hospitals to stay HIPAA Compliant with its HIPAA Compliance management system. 

Technology always helped the human race to prosper. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these aforementioned apps are also helping organizations to survive. If you haven’t applied yet, start using them now.

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