5 Easy & Healthy Recipes to Make with Your Kids


Finding healthy recipes for your family can be difficult, especially with the convenience that picking up fast food on the way home offers. Teaching your children how to incorporate healthier foods into their lifestyle while they’re young can help them to develop skills for cooking their own healthy recipes in the future. But what should you cook with your children?

Here are five healthy recipes that you can make at home with your children. They’re easy enough that your children can assist you in the cooking process, and your family is guaranteed to love them. Not only that, but they’re healthy and can provide your family members with the nutrients and yummy taste that they all crave for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

1. BBQ Carrot Dogs

Offering a beneficial and healthy option for families that have vegetarians, BBQ carrot dogs resemble hot dogs without the meat. Hot dogs are filled with sodium and other unhealthy components that can negatively affect your family’s health. That being said, incorporating a cooked and steamed carrot into the bun instead of the hot dog can offer an easy and healthier meal for you to make for your family.

BBQ carrot dogs are also customizable since everyone can choose exactly what they want on their carrot dog. And they’re easy for children to make on their own, given that they can build their own dog. Some people even recommend putting honey onto the carrot dog to give it a sweeter taste, but just make sure that you use healthy honey.

2. Quesadilla Bar

For those of you that have picky eaters in the family, having a bar set up for everyone to make their own quesadillas may be a great idea for dinner one night. Quesadillas can be fully customized to where everyone can essentially pick out their own ingredients while still making it easy to effectively feed everyone.

Not only is it a convenient idea, but it’s also delicious and offers a way for your kids to incorporate some healthy items into their own quesadilla. For instance, you can have lettuce, tomatoes, and peppers for some topping ideas for quesadillas. And there’s much more to choose from.

Lastly, a quesadilla bar is easy for the whole family to help prepare the dinner, since you can have the kids ripping the lettuce, washing the vegetables, and setting out the bowls for the ingredients.

3. Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

For those of you with picky eaters, you may also want to consider incorporating the chipotle

chicken burrito bowl into your family’s dinner or lunch plans. The specific ingredients that you want to use to feed your family vary depending on what your family personally likes.

And your children even have the ability to customize their bowl to their own liking. Lastly, the burrito bowl is easy to make and only requires that you cook each of the ingredients separately and then set them out so everyone can pick and choose which ingredients they want in their bowl.

4. Mini Pepper Pizzas

Perhaps your kids love pizza but it’s not necessarily the healthiest option for them to be eating every night. Instead of ordering or making pizza for dinner, you can put your own twist on pizza by using a half-sliced pepper for the crust. It’s a healthier version of pizza in that there isn’t the oily and greasy bread that pizza is usually made with.

You can easily make these as well since you can slice the peppers and then have your kids put the cheese and other toppings on top of the pepper. After you’ve prepared them, you can easily just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and let them sizzle. Maybe your kids will end up liking peppers more with this new change.

5. Ham, Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups

If you’re looking for a healthier and more creative breakfast option, then you might want to consider a ham, egg, and cheese roll-up. They’re easy to make since you just have to place the ingredients into the hand slice and then roll it up and cook it or bake it.

Similar to the quesadilla bar, everyone in your family has the option of placing only the ingredients that they personally want into their own roll-up. And you have the ability to encourage them to eat a healthier and more nutritious meal for breakfast, given that it’s free of sugar and other unhealthy components.

In addition to the eggs and cheese that go into the ham slice, you can also put peppers, spinach, onions, or other vegetables into the roll-up to make it an even healthier option.

Overall, it’s important that you provide your kids with healthy food options so that they can receive the nutrients they need while also learning how to make healthier food options for the future. But finding the right kind of recipes to incorporate into your family’s diet can be difficult, so we hope that some of these healthy and easy recipes have caught your attention.

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