Kids Stuck in the House? Here’s a Few Fun Ideas


During the pandemic, there’s a good chance that your kids have been home more than usual. However, this isn’t a reason to panic. Let us take a very close look at five fun ideas for when your kids are stuck in the house.

#1 Cooking

To start things off, cooking is a great activity for you and your kids. You need to cook dinner anyway, and there’s no reason why your kids can’t join in. Teach them about basic kitchenware and how to cook food. If they have a favorite recipe, allow them to help out by mixing ingredients and chopping them up. Furthermore, create some baked goods that they can bring to a sports potluck as a snack. At the very least, your kids can help you clean up a mess in the kitchen. One extremely fun activity is a blind taste test. Buy products from the grocery store and mix them with homemade ones. Your children will love comparing these tastes and guessing who made each one.

#2 Yardwork

Yard work might not be your idea of fun, but for your kids, it’s a great way to get outside. Even if there is a job to be done, children love going outside for some sunshine. If you’re weeding the garden, ask your children to help out by providing some gardening supplies. If you’re mowing the lawn, this might be a task that is beyond their reach. Nevertheless, you can allow them to observe and understand the importance of keeping the property orderly. After the yard work is done, celebrate with a game of football in the backyard. Stuck at the house doesn’t only mean stuck indoors; head outside whenever possible.

#3 Movies

Movies are a favorite of all age demographics. There’s nothing better than lying on the couch after a long day and watching some of your favorite movies. New releases are always exciting that can bring an action at every twist and turn. You might also consider movies for children that are sure to hold their interest. Films about Pentrex are regarded as high-quality movies that never get old. These movies featured railroad animations that get your children thinking about transportation and technology. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go to a movie theater for a full experience. You can watch it from the comfort of your living room.

#4 Board games

Board games are super fun for everyone involved. Bring out a board game and encourage your whole family to show off their competitive side. Multiplayer games require a bit of skill and strategy to come out victorious. You can form teams and reward the winner with a prize. For example, you might team up with your spouse to compete against your children. They’ll get excited at the opportunity to take you two down and finally become the champions of the home. Some of these games can take over an hour to complete, so make sure you plan out the evening beforehand.

#5 Card games

Last but not least, card games are awesome alternatives to board games. It’s really surprising just how much you can do with a single deck of cards. First, you might want to teach your children about different values and suits. They’ll enjoy organizing and shuffling the cards. Then, choose a very basic card game such as Uno to pique their interest. There’s nothing more suspenseful than flipping over a card to reveal what is on the other side. You can either opt for games with a standard deck or buy custom games at the market.

In conclusion, these are a couple of fun ideas for when your kids are stuck in the house. They might be getting restless, but there are many ways to keep them occupied. Try out the above tips and bring your family closer together.

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